Thurs(day) in Las Vegas

The most magical place by far during our trip was definitely Mt. Charleston. Far different from the desert that surrounds the larger part of Las Vegas which is exactly why I felt that we should go there. At over 1,100 feet the weather was a lot cooler in Kyle's Canyon and the wind was kicking just the same although it didn't stop us from taking a short hike in the canyon anyway. It was well worth the small amount of discomfort for the sake of nature. I realized while there that I was considerably happier being outdoors and that the most favorite part of my Las Vegas trip was the outdoorsy aspect I enjoyed overall. During this time Sister stayed behind to lay by the pool which at first didn't sit well with me but then I also understand to each his own. She likes shopping and laying by the pool while I like hiking and taking pictures! But boy am I glad I didn't miss the opportunity to witness Mt. Charleston with my own eyes. Another tidbit of "news" is in my opinion the most bona fide souvenir that anyone could ever come home with after a vacation. You would never believe me if I didn't have the proof but good thing I'm all about maintaining records! So, after our hike up the Cathedral Rock trail and returning to the car we are descending the mountain but decide to stop off on the side of the road to take some photos of the Aspen's which were absolutely magnificent by the way and upon our exit of the trees I walked up to these two women parked next to us also taking photos. They were trying to take photos of us! Cody came out soon after I did and was also subjected to the burst of the shutter by the photographer. After talking with them for a minute we discovered that they were actually with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. And that they were in Kyle's Canyon to do a story about the Cathedral Rock trail since it will soon be closed to undergo major renovations for the next two years or so. Guess we got lucky, huh!Well, they took our information and said that maybe they would use one of our photos in the newspaper. Crazy right, the next day we stopped at the grocery store and I remembered about the article and reminded Cody to grab a paper. When he got back in the car we hurriedly shuffled through the pages and low and behold, I screamed nearly shattering Cody & Jared's eardrums, there he was "Leaping into Fall" Cody was IN the Las Vegas newspaper!!! I mean who goes on their vacation and ends up in the newspaper?!?! hahaha, it was awesome! Didn't I tell memento ever! So, yeah Mt. Charleston was definitely a highlight of the trip although they were all pretty much highlights now that I think about it................Wait till' you see what we did that night!!! I may not post it today but I will do it tomorrow. I can't take anymore of this computer business!

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