Thursday Evening in Las Vegas

After a day in Mount Charleston we wanted to make sure that we got back to the hotel in time for our dinner reservations for the Top of the World Restaurant but things don't always turn out the way we expect now do they! The guys can definitely place full blame on me and Sister for making it 15 minutes late for our reservations. Either way no one made a big deal about it and the important thing is, we made it there. We even had to go through security to get into the restaurant, I mean how posh is that! When we first stepped foot into the restaurant we barely noticed the hostess trying to seat us because we were so awe-struck by the amazing view in front of our eyes. I think we were all floored upon walking into such an extraordinary sight. Sister and I couldn't get over the blanket of lights that covered the city, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. And just so you can see the entire city from every angle it rotated while we ate dinner - how cool is that! Instead of agonizing over the menu on dishes that I had never had we decided to have one of their sample menus. We were served four courses of pure bliss that was accompanied by wine that they had already chosen. The less decisions I have to make, the happier I am! Everything was sooooo delicious - I ate as slowly as I could to enjoy every last bite. Now forgive me for not being able to remember the exact name of what we had - 1st Course was a dish with Tuna, 2nd Course was roasted Lamb Chop with sautéed Sea Bass, 3rd Course was Kobe Beef Medallions with creamy lentil risotto, 4th Course was the Chocolate Crème brûlée. Everything was melt in you mouth good in my opinion although the view definitely overshadowed the food. The meal was hellaciously expensive but well worth the once in a lifetime opportunity to have dinner "On Top of the World", literally. It was an amazing night!* After dinner we were allowed to go up to the observation deck but it was so windy outside I could only stand out there for a minute or two. So, the pictures of lights were done be Jared since I couldn't hang. The picture of the actual Stratosphere was taken while I hung out the window on our way to the hotel from the famous Fremount Street but that was on Friday night.


  1. Got your postcard of Las Vegas, thanks! Too bad i couldn't be you
    guys. I'm sure next time. Your photo of Cody & you is picture perfect; and Stacy looks happy and content. Have fun and enjoy your vacation while it lasts....

  2. We got back from our vacation last Sunday........we did enjoy it while it lasted!