Bittersweet Placidity

This is another photo I took this past weekend on Sunday while we walked around Bass Lake. I just can't wait for this weekend to finally be here, one more day. Tomorrow afternoon I have my very first visit for Acupuncture; the appointment wasn't supposed to be until next Friday but I asked to be on a waiting list just in case of a cancellation and luckily I was first in line. I'm sort of nervous; I tend to get upset when I start talking to someone new about my current condition but I'm sure that I will be fine. The picture below is one I took of the house the Saturday morning on our way to Bays Mountain Park. The house looked so great with the tree complimenting it with that bright yellow frame. That was the morning after our five days of non-stop rain, it was a beautiful day!

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  1. Your house with the vibrant colors
    of the tree leaves is picture purfect. Sure looks a gorgeous day!