Stone Mountain State Park

A shock to me as well as Cody but things got a little out of hand on Saturday morning and the days events didn't go exactly the way we planned. I attest that how I chose to handle the situation was probably not the best and I see that now; I realized that not to long after it happened but when you're in too deep it's hard to turn back. So, since I've built you up I'll just tell you what happened - we went to the dump and once we left we decided to go back to the house to drop off a mower we picked up and so that I could get some Aleve. Instead of going left, he went right which made the trip home much longer than it rightfully should have been which didn't sit very well with me, as I was extremely irritable at that point. By the time we got home I was fuming and in no mood to hang out with Cody, whom is usually always my most favorite person in the world. I reacted instead of allowing myself time to calm down and subsequently left Cody to stay home while I went to Stone Mountain State Park alone. I was truly lost without my sidekick I quickly learned, I mean literally - I got lost! hahaha The trail I took was confusing at times but it was still a nice day although it would have been much better had my cohort been in tow. And to give you a clue as to how foreign it was for me to be alone on the trail, I would look back as if Cody were behind me at times then I realized he wasn't there like he normally is. I felt bad about the whole thing, I told him that was the old Jessica taking over. The next morning we were able to discuss the situation, convey our feelings rationally (as irrational as the other thought they may have been), and even laughed about it afterward. Lessons learned, I daresay that was probably the biggest and worst misunderstanding we've had during the course of our relationship, and if that's the case - I think we're doing pretty good.
*Sorry babe, we'll go back to Stone Mountain together :)

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