(I didn't take any photos this weekend so here's this kid next to a snowman)

It snowed on Sunday, I mean all day Sunday...............
I hate to admit that I didn't even step foot out of the house but, I didn't.
I kept thinking that I needed to get up and take some shots of the snow, but I simply didn't feel like it. The fire was too darn cozy!
There will be many more to come, I hope. No, I'm positive! I know the winters are not nearly as rough as they were a number of years ago, and from my experience thus far with snow I've noticed a change. Last year it seemed like it only snowed about 4-5 times, I mean a real good, heavy snow. Locals will agree that we've had it pretty easy the past few years. The guy delivering our wood last week was talking about living in this area in the early to mid-90's, and he was telling us how they used to ski down the mountain to get to the grocery store and stuff when they were snowed in for days or weeks at a time, now that's crazy?!?! Indeed, times are a changing................

*For those of you who have yet to realize that dorky little kid is, you guessed it, me!


  1. Before I moved up here, I had only seen snow as a kid (as you see in the photo)......but now that I'm here I get more than my fair share, it still amazes me!