Widow's Prayer

Widow's Prayer

(Congratulations...this was selected to be one of the MANY WINNERS in Our Bokeh Shots Thread! )

You may or may not recognize this photo, that would solely depend on whether you looked at the Evergreen Cemetery Set on my Flickr account as I did not post it here prior to today.
I decided to post it because it's receiving a lot of looks right now because it was chosen as
a winner of the Bokeh Shots Thread for a group that I am a part of on Flickr. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with groups and commenting on other peoples photos within Flickr since I spend time reading blogs as well, but I really enjoy and appreciate getting feedback on my photos whether it be good or bad. Obviously the bad feedback isn't as well received at times but I'm a big girl and can handle it. Well, anyhow I posted this photo in the Bokeh Shots Thread amongst I don't know how many others, and was subsequently selected with 21 other people as a winner. I don't get anything except for a little praise so it's not really that big of a deal I guess but I thought it to be worthy of sharing.

Click here to see the Bokeh Shot Thread winners.

Click on the photo or here to be taken to the picture on my flickr account to see some of the comments I've received.

I also posted it at jpg, although I'm not sure if it's a good fit for the category I put it in.

*And if you're wondering what the heck Bokeh is, click here. It's pretty interesting!!

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