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'Twisting Tree Necklace'

Twisting Tree Necklace

Maybe you've noticed or maybe I've failed to mention the fact that I love, love, love TREES;
taking photos of them, wearing them, sitting beneath them, etc.
The Twisting Tree Necklace is something I purchased (a few weeks ago) the instant I laid eyes on it, especially since it was only $11.99, whata deal**! Unfortunately, I'm dropping the ball on you and the Twisting Tree Necklace is now sold out, but they did still have the rings available tonight when I checked. Which by the way, are equally as cute. Other items are available throughout the website, and as the name "ModCloth" implies they do carry items that fit in that genre along with others that are similar in taste. I was extremely pleased with the websites service, my ordered was processed very quickly and it was shipped faster than lighting!

**Maybe you would like to know that these are not sterling silver, hence the low, low price!
*This vinyl tree necklace to the right is next on my list if I get to it in time!!