I found this video while viewing Time Magazines "Top 10 Viral Videos" list. There was another one there that really, really made me laugh but I chose not to share it due to the "language". My sense of humor might not have been shared with others who read the blog.
This list of videos have each had millions of downloads a piece; click on the link above to see what all of the fuss is about. For instance, my other favorite one of the bunch (the one with the "language") was #2 The Landlord with Will Ferrell which had nearly 50 million downloads! Take a look at:


I thought this little video was rather funny and to a certain extent ingenious, although I don't really know when or if it has been done before. Clearly someone had some time on their hands here with this little show of wit. I don't think I myself could have kept all of the words straight, I wonder how many takes were involved here?! Personally, I laughed and smiled throughout the entire video which compelled me to share it with you in hopes that it would do the same.

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