"Favorite Things"

My New Purse:
I've gone to some great lengths to find a new purse that is big but not too big, and a purse that has enough pockets so that everything isn't scattered about in the depths so no one can possibly find what they are looking for when they need it. This purse fits that criteria perfectly! What makes this "blog worthy" is a) I've been looking for a new one for some time now b) I bought this one instead of another one that would have been more expensive. There are some slight variations between both purses but as far as I'm concerned they are basically the same but one was cheaper! See The More Expensive Purse here and notice that the only color options were green or red which I was prepared to deal with. Anyhoo, you can only go on so long about a stinking purse, but I just had to share. Oh and this purse I only paid $12.96 for with no shipping necessary!! Whata deal....