The Long Way Home......................

Hilltop Sunset II
It's probably a good thing that the blog I was previously typing up froze and subsequently was lost somewhere in cyberspace, since I was only releasing some pent up aggression that I'm currently dealing with. Well, it was more of a tirade, and I'm trying desperately to gain control over these emotions right now. This particular time of year takes a lot of getting used to and truth be told I'm not there yet, not even close. The days continue to get shorter which I hate, I mean almost instantly after I get off work it's dark outside?! Now, today I was introduced to the most splendid sight when I stepped out of the office.............the colors painting the sky were so brilliantly amazing I just stood there for a second trying to take it all in.
Hilltop Sunset I
I decided that since I would get a better view of the sunset and all it's glory I would "Take the Long Way Home", a portion of our road is now closed due to the construction for the new high school coming so the road you're diverted to takes you up a hill through I neighborhood I never really knew existed before the closure. The whole way home I struggled to keep my eyes on both the road and the sky so that I wouldn't miss the transition of colors dancing across the clouds. I decided that I would pull up in my driveway, hop out and grab my camera, then ascend the hill where I had the best view, while on my way home. I basically had to pull over on the side of the road and jump out to get a decent angle...........the wind was brutal as I attempted to compose a shot, by the time I was through my fingers were numb and frozen, when I gripped the steering wheel I could feeling NOTHING!! Even though the shots weren't all that great what's most important is that I at least made the effort. It's hard to get motivated these days when you get home and cannot move around freely since all the other rooms in the house will chill you to the bone. Week after week we talk about buying wood but it just hasn't happened after a month of chilly weather, it's sort of miserable and discouraging at times. Maybe I should just stop whining and get on with it..................


  1. Beautiful! It's little beauties like that - that come along when I'm least expecting them that keep me going. Thanks for your comments on my blog, it's so nice to know that there are others out there!xxx

  2. Hey, where did you go.........I went to my bookmarks and clicked but then got a message about how they couldn't find your page?! You were talking about changing the URL....

  3. Sorry about that Jessica! I'm back now though :-)