Haze of Prosaic Days

Greenway Haze

*Arrangements have been made and once Cody gets home and packed we are off, again?! I know that we just returned from Atlanta on Wednesday but I am dying to do something 'fun'. We've been talking about this since last year so we are well over due. We are going to be staying the weekend in Asheville, which is only about 2 hours away, a breeze compared to 5 (Atlanta) or 8 (Jacksonville). I found a decently priced hotel, not too cheap, so we don't have to worry about bringing our own sheets!? I'm really excited, it's been a while since we've been anywhere as the tourist that I so love to be, mostly just traveling for the holidays. If all goes according to plan we will be meeting my Mom and Rick down there so that we can all go together. The tickets to Biltmore Estate are running upwards to $59.00 at the gate right now, with a measly $4 off if you order yours online. Thankfully, there's a deal through AAA and I was able to get our tickets for just $34!!! Whata deal, eh? So yeah the Biltmore Estate is where we are headed on Saturday, I can't wait!!
I'm in the process of getting motivated right now since there are some things I need to get done before we head out. Today looks much like the photo featured foggy, & blah which doesn't help in matters of motivation........12 is my dead line to get moving whether I like it or not! I better get off here if I am to get anything done.


  1. I love this picture... how did you take it??

  2. Thanks Nuri,
    This photo was taken a few weekends ago from a bridge on a trail near our house. It was cold, foggy, and dreary outside that day - I put a frame around the photo in hopes that it would help it stand out a little more. But it was taken with the digital camera I normally use.....

  3. Beautiful photo....

  4. It looks as if you had used some editting... it's lovely

  5. Nuri,
    I did need to treat the sky since it was stark white.....added some contrast to it, good eye!!