Something is Never Nothing

P.S. I love you

Critics have said that this is a movie to go see with someone you love, as well as that this is the perfect date movie.........I beg to differ. The instant I saw the trailer to the movie I decided that I wanted to see it, and above all it had to be all by my lonesome. Now that I've seen it I would say that I made a wise choice to do so. Some guys may like sappy love movies but I didn't for see Cody enjoying this flick, so there was no point in subjecting him to such. For a moment when I first sat down in the theater no one else was around, then the epitome of seeing a movie alone was spoiled by a few other folks who were also entertained by the idea of a sweet, mushy little love story to warm their souls. It was thankfully a quiet handful of people who allowed me to watch the movie in peace. I purposely decided to skip wearing mascara because I anticipated this movie to be somewhat of a tearjerker and I wanted to let em' flow, I needed to. At certain points we all cried in unison over the bittersweet sequences displayed before us. Holly (Hilary Swank) was faced with unexpected hardship and uncertainty that I myself can not even begin to relate to; my heart ached for her and the situation that stood before her. To say the least I was touched by this story. I highly recommend this beautifully good-humored and somewhat morbidly romantic film for some lighthearted entertainment that is sure to inspire and uplift your spirit.

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  1. I love going to the flicks on my own. I am going to see Enchanted as soon as the fuss and crowds have died down. Hope you had a good Christmas!

  2. I used to also, it had been a long time since I actually did so though. I plan to make a habit of it more often rather than resign to not see a certain movie........that just happens to be a mushy love story.
    I did have a good Christmas, nice a quiet.......