Compared to Garbage

It Starts With A Chair
I found myself brooding upon an opinion of someone who left a 'trashy' comment about my photo. I know that people are entitled to their opinions, and that I can live with. What I have a problem with is their close's apparent that the chair was in fact 'trash' and that is was discarded, but should that really matter?! Driving along the road I saw this chair marooned behind an abandoned house, it called to me, as bizarre as that may seem, but it's the truth. I continued to drive by week after week before I finally said to myself, "Self, you've got to take a photograph of that chair!", and finally, I did. To consummate what was merely a thought to begin with is a beautiful and fulfilling thing which may be why a dumb comment bothers me.

Have you ever seen beauty in what could be construed as garbage?


  1. Some arses are not worth the paper they wipe with, pardon my french.

    You know what good stuff is... and thank you for sharing with the rest of us who are not as fortunate to see such sights first-hand.

    Your photos are stunning, period.

    Want to see my trash? Hah. Wonder what spammers would have to say about that, eh? *flips the bird at these idjitts*

    traintrack to nowhere:

    stairs to nowhere:

    skies to everywhere:

    LOL! you get the picture.

    oh. I didn't mean that pun, I swear. *goes off to bed now*

  2. um, i just realised the links may not work. no matter... I'll eventually put a link on my blog to a photo site.

    sorry about that.

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing, I like them all. Especially the traintrack one, love the perspective. It's funny how a lot of things are based purely on perspective, not everyone likes the same things.......I know that I don't need validation from those who can't appreciate what I have to offer........What matters are the people that do! Thank you :)

  4. Some people don't realise that what they write doesn't reflect what they really think. Perhaps they weren't being mean, just expressing themselves badly. I say this because I fail to see how anyone could think that any of your photos were not exceptional works of art.

    That said if they were being nasty deliberately then they are jerks. Big ones! Your photos are beautiful Jessica, don't let jerks (or thoughtless writers) bring you down.

  5. Sian: Seriously, I can't tell you how deeply it warms my heart for you to say those things. And I know that's exactly what I must have been fishing for.......You guys have surpassed any expectations I could have had when looking for evidence of what I already felt. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful blogging buddies like you all!
    Thank you........Thank you!!

  6. 2 of my flickr groups are: Abandoned and Rural Decay.

  7. Yeah, I'm their newest member.......amongst the other people who like 'TRASH'........