New Method

Door Diptych


The above pictures were taken using a technique called "Through The Viewfinder". I discovered, finally, how this was done a few weeks ago, and immediately I jumped on the concept as I've always been intrigued by the images this technique produced. I can't tell you how excited I was to ascertain the method behind the photos I have admired for some time now. I quickly obtained my very own cameras to try this out for myself, luckily ebay helped me with that feature.

What you see below is one of the new cameras with the 'contraption' attached to it. "What's that?" you say, the contraption helps to keep out light. Essentially what you're doing is taking a photo with a digital camera through the lens of another camera. Which is how you get that semi-distorted antique feel. What do you think about these types of photos?!?!

(Click photo for LARGER view)

*Many thanks to Cody for making the 'contraption' for me!!


  1. oh oh OH!! you are in big trouble now... because I am going to be begging for more of these - so incredibly gorgeous I can't stop staring and falling into the photo... sigh.

    You make me dream :-)

  2. Yay.....I'm glad you like them too! And believe'll be seeing plenty more of these photos!!

  3. can you recomment a good program for creating all these lovely frames and borders? what do you use?

  4. The frames of these particular photos are a direct result of the technique itself, the older cameras have a bubble-like square viewfinder that creates the black border naturally.
    Now, for the other photos that have borders i.e. Compared to Garbage or the Formula for Living, these were added with the Corel Paintshop Pro program that I started using not to long ago. It's a very user friendly program, unlike Photoshop, which I could never really get the hang of. You can download a trial version from their website, the cost is relatively cheap compared to CS at only $80!
    *Just let me know if you have any other questions :)

  5. thanks for the tip! i will go check it out :-)

  6. hey thank you for this method! i've never ever heard of anything like this! the effect is quite nice! i'm going to try it out tomorrow :) and by the way your photography is just great!

  7. That contraption looks awful familiar!

    Isn't TtV fun?