Hole in the Wall


This place was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, out in the sticks of Tennessee......
We saw this place on our way to the waterfalls, and afterwards decided to eat there. Otherwise our choices were pretty limited in the small town as country stores would have been our only other options. We were pleasantly surprised at the offerings available on the menu.

Mozz Sticks

That was our appetizer, homemade mozzarella sticks.........not your normal mozzarella sticks either......oh no, these were JUMBO mozzarella sticks!

Huge Mozz Sticks

Just for scale, you can see that it's as long as the fork handle, and they were pretty thick too. Is your mouth watering yet?!?! Oh, I'll make a trip out there again just for those mega cheese sticks I tell you what......

Lunch @ Rico's

Here is the actual meal we had......and at a very reasonable price I might add.....
I ate Eggplant Parmesan with Spaghetti, Salad, and breadsticks.......man, I sound like a little piggy, huh?!?!?! To my defense, I didn't finish it all, I happily finished that off today - with Cody's help......Cody had a Gyro, which is what you see wrapped in the foil. It was a great meal all in all........if we're ever out that way again, which I'm sure we will be, I'll definitely be stopping in to see Rico again. He suspected that we weren't locals, especially with me toting my camera taking photos of my food and wot not.......being a tourist is the way I like it......wouldn't have it any other way!

*I'd like to hear about any roadside gems you've stumbled upon before, good or bad.....


  1. oh you mean, mean girl... you've given me the droolies, it's Sunday night on a blustery cold winter day so basically I am SOL - waaah!

    I would kill for a bite of those mozza sticks. *sigh drowned in drool*

  2. jm it's got to be the cafe of the week .we don't have anything like it in wales uk.we have chips, egg and chips, fish and chips, beans and chips,beans egg and chips,beans egg chips and sausage,curry and chips,curry beans and chips,curry beans sauage and CHIPS, do i need to go on. jm enjoy. just give us a thought in wales, CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING. LOVE FROM WALES.St Poddy.

  3. I loved the cooking when we were in the States in August. We also went to Tennessee and stopped in Lynchburg. We found a little diner there and I ate for Britain. Fried chicken. fried squash, rice, stir fry, eat all you like...and I still had room for peach cobbler for afters. Fab stuff. I would go back tomorrow :)

  4. POD: haha, chips much?!?! You can eat vicariously through me :)

    Sian: How the heck did you end up visiting Lynchburg, TN of all places?! I love fried squash.......mmmmmm good!

  5. Long story Jessica, we went there for a month to Alabama but we also went for a road trip up to TN. All of August 07 is devoted to the fun.
    (We went to Lynchburg, despite its alarming name, to check out the Jack Daniels distillery)

  6. jm like sian the food in the states is wonderful so diverse and interchangeable with so many dishies but mash potatoes with everything.from seafood to roast beef.mexican and danish on the same plate.the cooking skills of the chefs in the restaurants who can take the ingrdients of many nations and put them together. so much to choose from. i thank you for black eye peas love St Poddy

  7. i loved the cheesestick picture it is by far my favorite.