Incandesced Days

Sunbathed II

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony J. D'Angelo


Things you should know:
  • This photo completely contradicts what the weather was actually like today.
  • I could use a little sunshine, what about you?
  • I struggle with getting to bed early, I'm going to take a crack at it tonight.
  • We've avoided going to the grocery store for almost 5 days now, the fridge is seriously lacking.
  • I finally finished sorting through my photos from 2007, and chose my favorites, which turned out to be more than I expected.
  • The photo competition deadline is this Saturday..........I better get a move on!
  • There is something that I don't like about this photo, although that doesn't out weigh what I do like, which is why I'm sharing it with you.


  1. well there is nothing about this photo that I don't absolutely love, so shush!

    honestly it is stunning... been gazing at it for a long time now and ah, it is so peaceful and purrrrfect.

    girl, you got the talent!!

    same here for the early bed thing... sigh. think we can do it?

  2. Well, if I were to be really, really picky I might say that the fuzziness of the trees in the background make the eyes work harder than they normally do.
    But the cast of light on the dying flowers makes for a truly poetic photograph.

    I am glad I found this place
    *hugs to you too* :)

  3. technodoll: seriously, you are too sweet! And I got to bed 1 hour earlier, 11 instead of 12!!!!

    Sian: I am so glad the we found each other, you are one of my favorites :)
    Let me explain the fuzziness to you a little bit so you get why I did that, had the background (the trees) been in focus it would have taken away from the main 'focus' of the photograph, which were the dying flowers........if the trees were in focus it would be far to much to take in all at once and would have made for a mediocre composition. This is where depth of field comes into play.........

  4. I agree Jessica, and I love to hear about the science of design. So, what don't you like about this photo?

  5. Sian: I'm glad you asked that.....I don't like how dark the bottom left corner of the photo is, but since I wanted to get the sun peaking around the tree.......that's what I ended up with......I could have taken more time to compose the shot prolly, but my fingers were so frozen!!!

  6. Now you see, I love that contrast and it gives a good strong shape to the light too. I know we are all harder on what we create than anyone else but like tecnodoll said, girl, you got talent (even with frozen fingers)