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Blue Hole "Part One"

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

John Muir


This is the "Main Fall" at Blue Hole

It's not entirely about the "WoW" factor for me.......on a scale from one to ten......I don't care.....
It's more than just the actual sight that I am focused on when amongst nature.....sounds also play an integral role in the experience as well.......especially when visiting a waterfall.....
I got the "WoW' factor from a Waterfall Guide Website that featured Blue Hole, which scored pretty low based on their scale.......maybe I'm just easily impressed.....I suppose if the water level were a bit lower it may be a little less interesting........for me.....probably not.......but then again I have that amazing ability to find beauty in all sorts of different places........does that mean I'm easy to please?!........not really.......I thoroughly enjoyed myself out there none the less.......it was a gorgeous day........at times a little too sunny which didn't really help me with long exposures but I made do......

Blue Hole Info/Location: HERE
Thank You to: Mark - for the info; without that it may have been a while before I found this place.


02.13.2008 at 10:55

"technodoll said...
I would like to see the originals though,
i think they pics would be just as stunning."

(Click photos for a slightly larger view)

*I only had to make slight adjustments in these photos, you were right......


  1. Jessica, love your blog! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images. I love the low angle perspective on your blue hole shots as well as your interesting shot of the steps leading down to the waterfall. Great job!

  2. Thank you so much Mark, I truly appreciate your visits......
    It was only slightly overcast on our trip out there.....some of the shots are way blown out because of that....these were my favorites....glad you like them :)

  3. Agree with Mark! Totally enchanting and mesmerising... I would like to see the originals though, i think they pics would be just as stunning.

    i can almost hear the water...

    ps: there is one pic that is missing for me though, i only see a little red "x". Merr.

  4. technodoll:
    The photos should all be fine now....don't know what may have been going on there......

    *I posted the originals just for you :)

  5. It looks like this waterfall has a great wow factor in my opinion.

  6. Joan: I totally agree with you!!