One Month Down.........

Taking a photo everyday has gotten to be a force of habit for me, although there were certain days where my daily photo would creep up on me right before bed, which I've tried not to do. I've created photo opportunities out of things I wouldn't have normally seen in that way. I am certainly looking forward to what will come of this month and where it will take me photographically. Maintaining more than one blog has proven to be quite a task but I am well equipped to do so since I've got more photos than you can shake a stick at..........I really enjoy sharing and I appreciate the feedback immensely. Thank you for your wonderful support!
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January Set

1. New Years Meal, 2. Frost Ferns, 3. Same Bridge Different Day, 4. It Continues, 5. Charlie Hollar Sunrise II, 6. Crab Orchard Cascades, 7. Left Out, 8. Howard's Knob Park, 9. Tranquil Flux, 10. Tree of Antiquity, 11. Secret Lives of Bees Read, 12. Dog Days, 13. #13 Small Steps, 14. Sniffing it Out, 15. Tension Tamer, 16. Super Fly ELY, 17. One Drop, 18. Southern Comfort, 19. Into The Wild, 20. Tub Flub #20, 21. Home Sweet Home, 22. My New Mantra #22, 23. Color Composition #23, 24. Partial Palisade, 25. Short Stack, 26. Air Plant 'Flower' II, 27. Backyard Barn, 28. Repurpose #28, 29. Lens Cap Mishap #29, 30. Sting of a Sapphire Sunset, 31. Crescent Desire

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  1. I can't choose one that I like more than the others - they're all so varied, so lovely and so inspiring :-)

  2. Let's just see what the rest of the year brings, eh?

    thank you!