Saturday Hike

Boone Fork Trail Mosaic

This past Saturday, we went for a nearly 5 mile hike on 'Boone Fork Trail'. The weather wasn't the most motivating, as it was overcast the entire time. We decided to take the trail backwards, unlike the way that most folks go, we headed straight instead of taking the immediate right at the trailhead. My reasoning for this being, I wanted the first thing we went through to be the part which is closest to the road, and the part that went through the campground first, instead of at the end. By that point my connection with nature is severed, by taking it backwards, I can get that business done with in the beginning. And use that time to get into the hike, and get a good pace going all at the same time.

I liked it better the backwards way. After a mile or so you come to open pastures, which on a clear day gives you a great view of the backside of Grandfather Mountain. But like I mentioned earlier, we weren't so lucky weather wise. Once you travel through the pasture, you come to the peak before you dip back into the forest. The descent is far easier than the ascent would have been, if we went the 'right' way. Now that I mention it, the 5 mile loop wasn't strenuous at all, I don't even think I broke a sweat! Had we went the 'right' way though, I assure you that I would have been huffing and puffing.

After the descent is where the trail starts to get really interesting. Throughout the hike you cross sections of the Bee Tree and Boone Fork Creek in excess of 2o times. I made the mistake of not bringing the attachment to put my camera on the tripod, which made it hard to capture shots of the mini-waterfalls, or ones that I was happy with. It's really important to have a tripod when shooting those type of fast-motion water scenes. Learning the hard way before didn't really help me remember to bring the dang attachment.....but that's another lesson eh?!

The most substantial waterfall was "Boone Fork Falls", and at a mere 25 feet, wasn't really all that substantial. Hiking trails that are next to a body of water are my most favorite, the sound of rushing water is so calming for me. The hike felt really good for my body, and I needed to get out and get moving. My spirit suffers severely when I don't get outdoors. Nature is so motivating for me. Does it do the same for you? If you don't hike trails, what do you like to do that helps restore yourself after a rough day, or week?


  1. I love the Boone Fork trail. We usually do that one with the kids each summer. It's easy enough for my youngest to keep up. Sometimes we luck out and get blackberries at the end in the pastures.

  2. jm nice to know you are getting fit doing the trails.back last year was given a book called WALK with ME. by Martin McCorkle if you can get hold of a copy. it's a good read.the story of one man's life with muscular degeneration and his 1,700-mile walk through california.he encourages people to climb any mountains that comes before them in life.some trails were easy others were hard downright impossible.but over the years he got it done.after what you went through, you came out the other side,stronger.go for it get those pic's it trail's and pic's.try what have you to lose.just keep knocking on have a gift from GOD.

  3. What I would give to have such awesome trails nearby... not covered in snow and then mud and then screaming kids and cyclists!

    your photos look amazing - I can almost smell the fresh air... ahhh!

  4. joan: it is definitely one of my favorites that isn't too far away from home! We've gotten some blackberries before too, we're also lucky enough to have bushes lining our driveway :)

    POD: I'll look into that book recommendation, sounds like a story I would like to read. I like those overcoming adversity tales. I've surely come a long way myself, and to think, it's only the beginning! Thanks for the encouragement!!

    technodoll: the trails around here can at times be a little overcrowded, so I do know what that's like. Spring will be here before you know it.....Thank you!

  5. I love the outdoors, though I would hesitate over a five mile hike for fun :)
    After a rough day it is a warm bath, a clannad cd, escapist literature and a good night's sleep. Not something I can manage very often :)

  6. Sian: I bet you might not have as much trouble getting to sleep after a 5 mile hike eh?!?! hehe
    Normally, we only do 2.5 or something like that but BFT is well worth the extra effort!

  7. The BFT is our favorite! I could've written the information you posted and agree with your info completely (and we always hike it "backwards" for the same reason!).