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This is a portion of what the registration page looks like to vote for my TWO photos as candidates for the "People's Choice Award". Click on the screen shot to be taken to the registration page. It takes less than 1 min - seriously I timed it!! They ask your name, & email address.......do not check the boxes if you do not wish to receive further information from them, which I suspect you don't.

Once there, finding my photos is not that hard, look for one in the BRP Vistas section - the photo is entitled "GLEE GLOOM" as you may remember, and the second one is in the Environment section - entitled "F A N T A S I A". However, there is an extra spot for voting, although I'm selfish and I am not going to vote against myself, but feel free to do so.........I'll just be glad that you voted!!

Voting has been up since Friday, but I found out yesterday when I went to register that FANTASIA was missing from the pool of photos. After several support tickets the people finally got it fixed..........

Anyways, I would really truly deeply appreciate your support in this matter, if you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment here.

Here is a link to the photos: BIG NEWS

Haha, I know I sound desperate, but isn't this what social networking is all about?!?!?!


  1. JM not joking you were the best pic's one came close and that was the strange and twisted tree in black and white.you were far the better. you know me when it comes to art if it's good it's good if bad it's in the bin. you don't need anyone to tell you what you know is good.it's nice when someone can come along side and say nice one.if you like what you did then the end.

  2. Done :)

    Wishing you luck. You are talented enough not to need it, but a dash of luck never hurt anyone :)

  3. ...i voted!!!...
    ...there's no question in my mind,especially now that i've seen your competitors' entries,that you should win BOTH categories...
    ...that's my opinion,anyway...
    :::love you:::

  4. POD: Someone reminded me that it's no popularity contest......and I realize that.....I should be better than that. What matters are the folks who appreciate my work, like you :-)

    Sian: Awe shucks, thank you!

    Rebecca: You're the best, I appreciate your participation! thank you again.

    B: *smiles* thank you so much.....you are my inspiration...love you too!

  5. donna & joan: thank you both for taking the time, I really appreciate cha!

  6. where did my comment from yesterday go??? damn blogger!!

    i voted for you (took all of 30 seconds) and did not select a 3rd winner, only your two. don't want to encourage the competition ;-)

  7. TD: Blogger's been acting a little crazy lately......been frustrating me too!
    I knew you'd get around to doing it sooner or later, you have much bigger fish to fry......
    There was one that I almost voted for against mine, but Cody reminded me of some story about how some dude lost some election by one vote......needless to say, I recanted :-)

  8. Voted! - That really was easy. Best wishes x

  9. Pippa: I'm glad they made it that painless to vote.....makes it easier to ask people to do it :-) Thank you by the way!

  10. ha! to register and vote was done in no time:) i wish you luck now and keep my fingers crossed...
    especially love the "fantasia" photo - it´s like from another world!

  11. Johanna: Thank you for taking the time, it was great that they made it as painless as possible :o)