Roaring Fork Falls

Wide Angle View

Roaring Fork Falls - Wide Angle

Depending on who you ask, this waterfall is either 45ft high, or 100ft long. Either way it was a very picturesque and edifying cascade. We ventured here on the same day we went to Setrock Creek Falls. We barely had to put forth any effort to get there, as the hike was very easy.

According to my NC Waterfalls book, the author boast a mere beauty rating of 7 for this waterfall. It may be that I'm easy to please, but I was utterly enraptured by the angelic essence it held. I watched the cascade of water rush down as it meandered through the moss covered rocks, it was beautiful. Beauty rating, beauty schmating.......his is always different than mine would be :o)

I finally got my new tripod today, although the weather wasn't conducive to me running out to break it in. I did, however, take photos of the tripod itself. I really am in love with it, and it does make me feel a bit more professional; especially when it's compared to the cheap old Samsonite that broke on me a few weeks ago. Tomorrow I'll be using it for sure, no if, ands, or buts about it!

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  1. he gave a 7 me i give it 20 thank's for the wonderful photo's i'm a big fan. no you don't need to send me any money or go on then. thanks J.M.

  2. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog, your photos are wonderful, such beautiful scenery

  3. Those pics are so gorgeous. I can't wait until you start using your new tripod. More fabulous photos! Almost makes me want to go camping again. (You have to read my latest post to understand)

  4. i would give this a beauty rating of a 9. stunning. reminds me of one of my favorite spots in canada, about twenty minutes away from our house... oh, i miss home :(

    what kind of camera do you use? i'm looking to buy a new one myself, i think my old canon elf is ready to head out to pasture.

  5. I love how the moss is picked up in the photos. Great shots!

  6. POD: haha, thank you!

    RR: Thank you for visiting me too!

    1218: I love the new tripod, it's amazing!! I read the post.....I'm all for you going camping again!! DO IT!

    a little bird: Awe....I didn't mean to make you home sick, although I guess that isn't always a bad thing :o)

    meridith: thank you!!