Jade Cove

California : Big Sur : Jade Cove

Sparkle and Shine
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We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.
~Mary Dunbar~

Oceanic Observation

Upon sorting through, what seems like a never ending supply of California photos, I came upon my Jade Cove folder, and decided that this would be the next CA vacation post that I would do. The number one reason why I chose them was because of the overwhelming wave of emotion that hit my like a ton of bricks as I scrolled through each one. The ones above in particular nearly brought tears to my eyes as I gazed upon the warm sunlight illuminating the photos.

Instantly, I was transported back in time to the day that we visited the cove. I could hear the waves, and smell the air........

Jade Cove Path

As I sat perched upon a rock here, and a rock there taking in the beautiful view, Cody was rock hounding. I tried it, but I got bored, and didn't really know what it was I was looking for, so I did what I know best. After close inspection, Cody is pretty sure that we did find a couple pieces of jade. Although we have yet to get a professional opinion. Rock hounding was something that Cody could have done all.day.long! I basically had to tear him away after a couple hours at the cove. It was pretty entertaining to watch him in action, moving these huge boulders to get to the stuff hiding underneath. It takes a mighty patient person to do such a thing, and as I've said before, patience really wasn't a virtue that I was blessed with - but I'm getting better.


It looks like I had a really close call in the shot above, doesn't it? haha But my camera made it out dry, thankfully. It was only later in the trip that I nearly dropped it on a rock, where it would have then plopped into a small pool of ocean water! Now that was a close call.....I can't save my camera from all incidents, but maybe that's because I haven't spent enough money on one yet! haha My motto is that it's meant to be used, not babied! We'll see if that changes once I actually upgrade though!?!?!


More splashing!

Jade Cove at Sunset

If you check out the other photo of the same scene, you'll notice the trail winding down the side of the cliff on the bottom right hand corner of the photo. It looks somewhat treacherous, but it wasn't too bad, it was a very short trail.

After we climbed back out, we had the most beautiful sunset parading before our eyes. So many views that I will never forget made their way back with me from California. And being able to look back, and have a visual along with the memory that I carry, is truly priceless.

Jade Cove Aerial View

I can't wait until I get everything sorted so that I can finally get started on a book of vacation photos. It's taking a lot longer to do than I thought it would. A number of different things are going on right now, and staying on top of everything is just not possible - unless I want to pop my top! The house is a wreck because of the improvements we are in the process of wrapping up, like painting the kitchen trim, and the dining room ceiling/walls. Cody has done most of the work since he's been home during the day, and for that, thank you! I'll be glad when we can get things back in order and reorganize. Heck I'll even settle for some walking room at this point!! haha I'm so happy that tomorrow is Friday......it's been a loooooong week!

Sedentary Silhouette

I know I got off subject, but Jade Cove was incredible.......I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!


  1. Oh I looove beachcombing and rock hunting... I can do it for hours, to the dismay of more adventurous peeps!

    The 1st splashing pic is my favorite, I mean the best one of all the trip images. I dunno why it just grabs me... it just does.

    And that is mighty fine.

  2. I was just surfing the internet not looking for anything in particular. I was not feeling so hot, just in funky mood, feeling kind of down, then I saw your photos. The first one of the sunlight hitting the water put me in a trance. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I felt so overwhelmed by it. It made me feel like everything is going to be okay. Thanks.

  3. looking back takes us forword to new adventures. quote by PODDY.

  4. I miss the beach so bad it hurts my brain.

  5. What a beautiful post and beautiful photos, thank you!

  6. Jade Cove is beautiful and you did it beautiful justice with your photos. I appreciate the mini-vacation once again because Mike went to work feeling ill today so our wk-end plans are out and your photos can get me by.
    When I was a little kid vacationing with my family at the Grand Canyon I had a little camera with the film portion snapping on at the bottom of the body. I was excitedly bending over a rock wall to see a chimpmunk when the bottom dropped off, crashing down the canyon wall. My folks bought me a new one at the gift store (how sweet of them). My early lesson taught me what you know, use it don't baby it. And sometimes use it and lose it.

  7. Fantastic photos...beautiful coastline.
    I think my favourite is the last one... sedentary silhouette, what a beautiful photo.

  8. As always, beautiful pictures! They brought back memories of our trip out to California last June. We were down at Huntington Beach at sunset and I was able to just lazily float in the surf as the sun waved good-bye. It just felt so peaceful. Jade Cove must be that way for you, too.

  9. I love the second photo – the silhouette. I hope thing get back to normal for you soon and you have some breathing space. Your vacation book will look amazing with all these photos. What wonderful memories.

  10. No.1 Photo can't get any better.

  11. TD: haha, I like to look for cool shells! The splashing pic eh? That one makes me smile :)

    1218: Wow.....now that seriously makes my day! And everything WILL be okay :o) That photo put me in a trance too.....

    Pod: I couldn't have said it any better!

    just me: I miss the California coast in particular.....Although, I'm sure it would be blazing hot right now!

    RR: No, thank you :o)

    lydia: You can ALWAYS use my blog for a mini vacation :o) I've certainly come very close! I would be more scared of losing my photos than damaging the actual camera itself, that could be replaced ;)

    jacky: The coast was beautiful, surely nothing like I've ever seen before!

    meridith: Big Sur definitely felt that way for me! The combination of the mountains and the ocean was what really had me astounded the entire time :o)

    liss: That was actually the photo that had me the most emotional. That scene was so clear in my mind. Thank you.

    Pod: Thanks!

  12. I have never tried rock hounding before, but love wandering along the beach looking for unusual shells. My bathroom has quite a collection now...ooops!

    Your photographs are breathtaking. I won't pick out my favourite because they all are. I can almost smell the sea and hear the waves lapping against the rocks.

    ps. I hope you had a lovely weekend :)

  13. Hi Wayfaring Wanderer,
    I saw your comment for Lydia's poem and felt like stopping by. Wonderful, evocative photos. I'll be back to see others.


  14. getty: You should definitely try some rock hounding one of these days......especially if you're a patient fella, as I suspect you are :) No favorites....haha....I only ever pick my favorites to show here anyways, so it's okay!

    sharryb: Well thank you, I'm glad you wandered over for a looksy :) Hope to see you around!

  15. Jade Cove's "Sparkle & Shine" is wonderful in it's darkness... combined with the sun and it's reflections searing the rocks in the foreground,the mauve, pinks, grays and blacks are an interesting and moody departure from usual 'warmer' hues associated with most sunsets. Very nice job... I just had to give you my two cents...:)

  16. biker: Typically, I am not one for shots like that......but when I passed across this a second time.....it really captivated me....

  17. Absolutely breathtaking! They have a very calming effect and we needed that... to step back from our busy lives and appreciate the goodness of nature. Thank you!

  18. Laura: Big Sur was one of the most beautiful places I have been able to visit. Thank you for the comment!