Glen Burney Trail

Glen Burney Falls

What we did last Sunday was far different from this Sunday. I sought out a hike from the NC Wildflower Hike book. This happened to be a trail that I had never heard about before. The sad part is, that's it's less than a 10 minute drive from our home, in Blowing Rock, NC. It is also very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, but not directly off the drive like most hikes we've been to frequently.

It was approximately 1.5 miles in and out, at the end, you just turn around and go back out the way you came. It's quite rare to go on a waterfall hike that has 3 different falls, which made this one a real gem. The elevation loss was about 520 feet so it was mild going in, although coming out was another story! It wasn't horrible, but I was on the edge most of the time, ready to pass out, but not quite there yet. Definitely well worth the extra work though.

Glen Marie Falls

The Glen Marie Falls was the biggest, even though it doesn't look so in the above photo. I could only get a good shot of the bottom half since the sun was so bright closer to the top. I would like to go back on a foggy day so that I can get the whole thing.

The bottom photo, is of the first fall we passed, and the most unimpressive. Maybe it's nicer after a good rain? The view of this waterfall was somewhat obstructed from trail because of the trees. From up there, a photo wasn't really possible, so we climbed down to th stream below. I took photos while Cody rock hounded.

The Cascades

Before we went on the hike, I was placing my purse in the trunk when I absentmindedly tucked my keys in the purse. It was immediately after I did this that I realized what I had done, I tried to stop Cody from closing the trunk, by yelping "NO!", but it was too late. The doors were also locked, DANG!? What are we going to do? Sitting at the trail head geared up to go on a hike, this mishap could have really put a damper on the days activities. But Cody, being Mr. Cool as a Cucumber, talked me into letting it go, and worrying about it once we were done with the hike. At which time we would call AAA to come jimmy the car. They really are lifesavers! We only had to wait about 30 minutes for them to get there, and about 30 seconds to break into the car.....everything turned out fine :)

*Update: This weekend we spent time on the house. Saturday morning we put a second coat of paint on the walls in the dinning room. Thank goodness it is done now. It looks 100x's better, I'm so happy with the way it turned out. We also mowed the lawn which took a couple hours. I was on the riding lawn mower, and Cody manned the weed eater. It's crazy, but my back is sore from steering, and the bouncing from our bumpy yard. Although it looks so nice when it's all mowed. We are getting ready to be bombarded with copious amount of blackberries soon, the vines are in full bloom right now, I can't wait. We also got the kitchen back in order, cleaned out the fridge, and went grocery shopping. I was craving a steak so we grilled out, and ate dinner in our new and improved dining room. It was great!

Dining Room Table - $0.00 (Handcrafted by Cody)
Chairs - $3.00 each + $5.00 for fabric to reupholster chairs
Paint - $0.00 (A full can that was going to be discarded!)
Total = Swequity (Sweat + Equity)

I hope everyone had a great weekend :o)


  1. I did the same thing a couple weeks ago! I put my keys in my purse, put my purse under the seat, then shut the door. Totally absentminded that day.

    Those pictures look so majestic! I love em'

  2. Jessica Gods work is so wonderful hidden gems please find some more.keep your eyes open to where he may lead you.

  3. Swequity=very clever!

    Wonderful photos. 14 miles from my house is Silver Falls State Park with 10 falls along the trail. We love hikes there!

  4. That is about the prettiest hike up around Boone. I love it. I locked my keys in the car at school a couple of weeks back...poor husband had to drive 35 minutes to come let me back in. He stayed for lunch, though, which was so nice I was tempted to lock up the keys again the next day.

  5. I love the effect a slow shutter speeds does to water. Funny about locking the keys in the car. Cody had the right idea though and I am glad it didn’t spoil your hike. It did make me laugh as it brought back a memory I have when visiting Yosemite Falls as the friend I was travelling with lock our keys in the car. May be it’s a waterfall thing. AAA came to our rescue too.

  6. 1218: I remember hearing about that horrible day of events you went through.......I'm lucky that I was able to salvage mine! They turned out much better than I thought they would with the very bright sun looming above.

    Pod: I'm always on a hunt for hidden gems, Pod. You should know that by now.....

    lydia: Cody actually came up with that one, I usually just say Sweat Equity :) 10 falls along the trail!!! Yowza, it would take us 2 days for me to get through that hike with all the picture taking!! Thanks for the link.

    carmen: It really is a pretty hike, I can't believe I'm just finding out about it now?!?! I suppose locking your keys in the car can sometimes be a good thing! One time, I did it TWICE in one day.....nothing good came of that, haha.

    liss: I almost won't even bother taking a shot of a waterfall unless I can use a slow shutter speed, it makes them so much more beautiful! AAA really is worth the peace of long as you've got a cell phone you're in good shape!

    diana: It was a lovely time, waterfall hikes make for the best days :) Also, thanks for stopping by!!

    prin: Just like you eh :)

  7. Those waterfalls look unreal they are so stunning. What is rock hounding?

  8. I need to join AAA because I'm prone to losing keys as well.

    Perhaps you can try to make some jam with the blackberries.

    You've given me a new word to add to my vocabulary: swequity - love it!

  9. Wow, you take such amazing photos! I envy your talent!

  10. Yes, I want to know what rock hounding is too.

    I am winding up to paint our sitting room...not looking forward to doing that :(

  11. jen: I hate to say this, but I think they look better in digital format.....although I still love them either way! Rock Hounding is basically where you search for and collect rocks and minerals.

    meridith: The annual membership is relatively cheap with AAA....they also tow your car if you break down, help if you have a flat tire or run out of gas......look into it!
    That's a good idea....make some jam...mmmmm

    Elisabeth: You're too sweet, thank you :)

    Sian: Rock Hounding is basically where you search for and collect rocks and minerals. I don't have the patience for it.....but Cody caught the bug at Jade Cove - my last post.

    Just think of how much better it will be when you're done painting. It is such a pain to do.....but makes a world of difference.

  12. How do you get that water effect on pics?... would love to try it out :-D

    Also your weekend of home improvements sounds absolutely lovely... we're neck-deep in it too, minus the lawn. I wish we did have a lawn though...

  13. I love NC, you are lucky to live there. Way to let it go, I think that would have ruined my day.

  14. For years I wandered about that parking lot. I thought it was for overflow to the park and Blowing Rock. Then one day while here in Greensboro, we read about the Glen Burney Trail. It is a very interesting trail with the old waterworks remains and being so close to homes.

  15. TD: A tripod is absolutely essential to use a shutter speed slow enough to give the water that silky effect. Sunny days are bad news if you want a good shot where the light is evenly distributed......better to go earlier (i never do) or later in the day or better yet, go on a overcast day.

    I'm already feeling an extra kick of motivation by getting things done.

    a little bird: I am lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Normally it probably would have ruined my day, but thanks to Cody......I'm slowly changing :)

    joan: it was sort of weird with the houses so close near the beginning, but I still got into the hike.

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