~Prelude to a Giveaway~

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So, what in the world do you have to do to get your hands on one of these awesome little 3" x 3" TtV print refrigerator magnets?
Well, this part of the giveaway is easy peasy.....

Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, if I were to open an online store, which photos would you like to see in said store?!

By looking through my blogs, and/or my flickr account, pick three photos that are your favorites.
Once you've picked your favorites, whether they are old or new, leave a comment on this blog post with the names of the three photos or the posts where you found them (in the event I didn't name them).

For anyone who participates in this portion of the giveaway, you will receive an extra entry for the BIG giveaway which will take place starting Tuesday!!

I can't wait to hear which photos stand out to you, if you are so inclined to tell me why, please feel free to do so......

*The mini-giveaway commences as of right now, and will go on until Sunday at midnight.


  1. guality prizes.give them good homes.

  2. here i go: winter floret (feb 22), wonder collides (march 20), naturally (may 24) ... oh, i had some more, it was hard to be limited on 3!!!
    i´m sure these magnets will look great!

  3. I've gone all the way to the beginning looking at your photos and speed-reading the posts that came before I became a reader here. Do you know how difficult it is to select only three?
    #1 New additions (1-16-08) Reason? I had two polydactyl kittens in college that I loved and adored and they came to a horrible end that I'll never forget or forgive. Also, my Shiva Lullaby is a gray cat like yours!
    #2 California-Big Sur:Jade Cove (6-5-08) Reason? It is a startling, sparkling "black & light" photo.
    #3 Wonder Collides (3-20-08) Reason? The most unusual of all your photos. I was reminded of a quote: "God created trees to keep mankind company." This tree looks like family.

  4. Spilt Cherries (june)
    Here comes the choo choo (may)
    Reciprocity (march)

    But I could just as easily pick 10!

  5. Going strong... outside looking in... Home sweet home... and Left out (january) that one is so funny ;-) I hadn't seen it till today

  6. This was too difficult. I wish you had said select 30 photographs... that would have been slightly easier (but even that would have been a difficult challenge)!

    However, painfully, I have managed to reduce my list to just 3.

    The first is "Greenway Haze". It is so dreamy, mystical and haunting.

    The second is "Fantazia". This photograph captures "Winter" at its most beautiful. The crispness, the cold, the colour... just perfect.

    My final selection is "Limekiln Falls". This photograph sums up everything I love about life. I can almost hear the trickle of the water, the smell of the air, the coolness and freshness of the breeze. I can almost walk into the photo and put my hands under the falls..........

  7. Gee this wasn't easy!
    I searched through your Flickr account and decided on the following in no particular order.

    1. Sour Cherries - just too cute!

    2. Ventana - you know I love that shot.

    3. Mc Way Falls - such a beautiful landscape shot.

  8. hello~oh yes, I do want one!!!

    Very stunning!!!!

    nice to meet ya~

  9. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that hunt. But oh so difficult to get it down to three.

    But after a pleasant hour I have whittled mine down to Struggle til Dawn (30th Nov 07)because the colours are phenomenal

    Untitled silver birch wood 23rd April because it says "Lothlorien" to me

    24th Jan "Moon Paralysed" which I would buy in a cold second.

    and because I simply cannot restrain myself I will add Oct 07 "Rythm of the Rain" because it is simple and poignant. Oh and Moser Bulldozer is fab too.

    Oh this is just too difficult! Looking forward to seeing what other folks will pick

  10. Can I not play and just say I love all your photos, the way you present them, what they mean, how inspiring they are?

    That's all. :-)

  11. not an easy task - I have to admit that I only went back to January (still so many peeps to visit at the Mad Hatter Tea Party - wouldn't you know it, I started at the bottom of the list). OK, this really was tough:

    1) Where the River Flows
    2) Stellar Sphere
    3) Lonliest Number

    I could easily picked 20 more & look forward to coming back when I have a little more time. You have a fabulous eye. :)

  12. I've just gotten interested in TtV photography, so I really enjoyed looking through your photos. I especially like Sour Cherries--such a nice still life; Love Notes--I think the Photoshopping is very intriguing, a great experiment!; and the Wonder Collides tree--the subject seems so suited to TtV, wonderful atmosphere.

  13. Lovely project!

    It was a pleasure to re-visit your stream.
    The favs of my fridge:
    Sour cherries (June 8, 2008)
    Sweet Lullaby (June 10, 2008)
    Wonder Collides (March 15, 2008)
    I cannot explain much my choice, I've just let my heart talking.

  14. Glen Burney Falls #153/366, Crescent Desire 31/366, Tunnel Bridge

    of course I had more than 3 favorites plus I really liked all the cat ones too.

  15. Here are three of my favs: 

    1. Sedentary Sihouette
    2. Fiery Finish
    3. Side-by-Side

  16. Sour cherries, (june 23) yellow with a side of blue (feb 19)enigma (june 18)

    Truly gorgeous photos. Lovely!

  17. my three fave:

    from WW:

    1) limekiln: the first one.

    from 366:


    3)inner fire (day 99)

  18. From the 366:
    #6 Crab orchard Cascades
    #22 My new mantra
    #55 Moses aka Moser Bulldozer
    #97 A path

    Those are my faves and I refuse to narrow it down to three. :D

  19. I like all your pictures. I cannot choose. Too much pressure. :)

  20. Just Me. is right all the work is very very good.all your work is pro. alright i'm sucking upto you.you sian and sara and can't forgive me. joking apartyou know what i think.enjoy yourself .love to you and Cody.