I Love Postcards : Greeting from Wudang

Wudang Mountain PC

Ancient Architectural Complex on Wudang Mountain

Situated in Hubei Province, Wudang Mountain is a famous mountain sacred to Taoism and birthplace of the art of Wudang Boxing. The scenery here is very beautiful. A lot of marks of long history and rich culture of the mountain can be found on the mountain, while the Taoist architectural complex, mostly built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), was inscribed on the World Heritage List. The main tourist spot are Xuanyue Gate, Yuanhe Taoist Temple, Yuzhen Palace, Zixiao Palace and Golden Hall.

See a photo slideshow: HERE

China Stamp

Mount Wudang is perhaps the most famous Taoism holy land in China.
Read more about its history: HERE

I am in need of a getaway.....
I wonder what we can cook up this weekend?!
Surely it won't take me to the sacred mountain tops of Wudang,
but it should be a retreat of sorts.
One that will allow me to reconnect with myself, and nature.
I have a place in mind....


  1. Thanks for sharing your post card with us it is beautiful and make my desire to travel to china stronger. I am hoping to get to China in March 2009. I think the history and culture is fascinating I will be checking the tour itinerary to see if it travels through Wudang Mountain. I hope your own little weekend retreat allows you the reconnect you desire.

  2. Are you going to have dinner at the Foo Yong Buffet?


  3. A co-worker of mine just got back from France and was sharing his experiences with me this morning. My heart yearned for Europe with each story. I still keep a 5 Euro in my wallet from last year's trip to Ireland. Darrin must think I'm nuts.

  4. YOU ARE NOT TAKING CODY TO BERGER KING AGAIN THIS WEEKEND.where ever you go have a restfull time.

  5. liss: That sounds exciting, and would be way cool if you actually get to go to Wudang Mountain. China is on my list, but not above Japan.......

    TD: Hmmm sounds good.....No Chinese buffets for me this weekend.....I'm thinking camp food!

    meridith: That sounds like something I would do.....I always keep mementos....hopefully very soon, I will get to travel abroad for the first time.....

    Pod: Na, no fast food here......thanks.

  6. Man, a retreat into nature sounds just perfect. Mike has been very contrary this whole week and I'm thinking of taking a little drive alone. :)

  7. I am going to Hong Kong in August. If you send me your address I will send you a postcard!

    Thanks for sharing your photo!

  8. lydia: a drive alone might be very therapeutic! I am very excited....

    jacky: You got it! I am crazy about post cards :o)

  9. Postcards are GREAT - I'll join you on the getaway! Have a great weekend!