Subtle Sensitivity

The lull came with the rain,
and has remained......
The delicate balance between my heart,
and mind discreetly cohere.....
As they wearily await.

On a lighter note:
I've had my eye on this Hydrangea bush downtown for about a week now.
Decompressing was vital when I got home from work,
I immediately said, "I want to go take photos of the Hy-dran-ge-a!"
I have this funny way of saying the word Hydrangea,
emphasizing the ge-a for some reason?!
Is it Friday yet?!


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! that put a smile on my face.

  2. Hey Jessica.... Guess what? It is almost Friday!!!!!!! HURRAH!!!!!

    I love your words and the Hy-dran-ge-a! Would you believe me if I said the word Hydrangea sounds even more amazing when said with an English accent? hehehehe ;)

    Wishing you the most wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is truly beautiful. A white hydrangea...never saw one before. No wonder you had your (artist's) eye on it! Nice poetry too.

  4. Very delicate!!! Love your hydrangea...

  5. This is beautiful I love these flowers they are so soft and delicate. I have a pale pink one in my garden but I don’t know if it is still alive. It's winter here but unfortunately these flowers love a drink of water and we are in a bad drought and have strict water restrictions preventing us for being allowed to use water on our gardens. Bucketing the water out of my kids bath is the only drink my poor garden gets anymore.

  6. Came here from someone's comments and I am so glad I did! Your photography is brilliant and I especially love the dreaminess of the hydrangea!

  7. 1218: I aim to please!

    graham: Woo-Hoo TGIF!

    Maybe you'll make a video saying the word Hydrangea?! :)

    lydia: Never saw one?! Well, I've got some regular shots to share too, it's more of a creme color.....very pretty :) If I think about writing poetry I won't do it......It's more like, I just string words together.....otherwise I get to intimidated.

    jacky: Indeed, thank you :o)

    liss: Awe, I bet that's a lot of work.....I am so bad at managing plants, and without water restrictions no less.....I prefer wild flowers since they need no maintenance!

    q-mom: Yea! I'm so glad you dropped by. And thank you so very much for the thoughtful comment. Hope to see you again soon :o)

  8. This has to be one of my favs! I love it - so subtle and lovely.

  9. I love hydrangeas! The hydrangeas in my garden are pink and I haven't had time to take pics of them.

    SO GLAD it's Friday ~ I'm exhausted from SST. Have a great weekend!

  10. I say it the same way. I should have sent you one of those. I have lots of them.

  11. What a beautiful photo, so soft, and dreamy. Your photography is beyond words and the fact that you can show such calm emotion in four lines like that is amazing. Simply beautiful.

  12. Well, I sure do love the way you string words together, WW. Yes, do publish more of your hydrangea shots.

  13. what a beautiful photo! (somehow makes me think of a wedding...) i love hydrangeas - they are so wonderful in each stage of their life - even when they are fading they have such a charm!
    btw, the german word for hydrangea is "hortensie". has a very nostalgic sound...

  14. ANOTHER GREAT WORK. you have been tagged go to my blog????

  15. please sir: Awesome, thank you!

    meridith: Better get some before they are gone!! I use taking photos as an excuse to relax and unwind.

    greg: It's crazy, that's one thing we don't happen to have in the yard. I almost bought one myself last week....but didn't :(

    Arnold: Thank you for the lovely comments, I can't even begin to tell you how very much your words mean to me.......Thank you :)

    lydia: I didn't realize how freaking pompous that reply sounded, sorry 'bout that!

    johanna: that's funny that you say that, hydrangeas make me think of weddings too!? Great minds.....I am now calling them by their German name :)

    Pod: Oh no! Not a meme.....

  16. And another gorgeous capture!!!! Simply splendid to gaze upon!