Quick Getaway : Gatlinburg, TN

Friday evening we packed up the car and headed to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Instead of staying in a hotel, like normal tourist, we opted to camp out in the Great Smokey Mountains. This was somewhat of a special little trip for me because I have been to the town once, but that was when I was 12. From what I do recall, the Great Smokey Mountain National Park was not a part of those memories, which was one reason why I wanted to stay there.

I made reservations through the website a few days prior to the trip since I read that July was one of the busiest months of the year. After a few hold ups, mainly traffic related, we made our way to the Elkmont Campground. As late arrivals we skipped checking in and headed toward our campsite. Elkmont is the biggest campground in the park with 220 sites, however, we managed to find our plot of earth.

You would think that after setting up our tent, and a 3 hour drive, we would be ready to relax.......but nooooo.....I was ready to head straight to the action! I never imagined exactly how much traffic we were in for, but I hardly cared because I was thrilled to be there. Has there ever been a time when you were happy to be in bumper to bumper traffic?! It's sick. Speaking of traffic, at any given time, whether walking or driving, you were constantly surrounded by 360° of chaos. Not that I don't pay close attention usually, but you had to be on high alert to get around that town.

Gatlinburg Space Needle

Walking the strip reminded me so much of our Las Vegas vacation last year.
I have my mind made up that Gatlinburg, TN is like the Hillbilly Las Vegas.
Not that I didn't have a great time, but if it walks like a duck......
We didn't pay to do the space needle, but it reminded me of the Stratosphere where we had dinner at the "Top of the World Restaurant".
Although, the Stratosphere was 5 times as tall.

Aerial View of Gatlingburg @ Night

Saturday evening took us on a ride up the mountain on the Sky Lift.
The view was spectacular!

The Village Shops

Walking through the souvenir shops was about the only other thing we did while we were in town.
The Village was a set of shops that were tucked in a nook off the main road.
The different shops were all done in various styles of architecture,
the Bavarian styled building was my favorite, but I didn't really get a good photo to share.

The Village Shops

For dinner, I wanted a soft pretzel......so that's what I had!
It was delicious :)

Soft Pretzel Place

Aside from the plethora of airbrushed t-shirt stores, olde tyme photo huts,
and pancake houses, candy stores were also plentiful.
We bought a 1 lb. box of Aunt Mahalia's Salt Water Taffy.
The box of taffy has been hit pretty hard, it's almost gone!
It's Cody's fault, he eats 2 to my 1......don't lie, you know you do :o)

Jumbo Jellies

I'll leave you with this cause it makes me laugh.
Giddy up!

Me on My Mini-Horse


  1. Such a carefree shot of you! I love the sky view at night with those heavenly mountains in the distance. And the jelly bean photo is a beauty.

  2. Great photo's but that isn't a horse you are riding. You may need glasses, lol Sounded like a great vacation, all except for the camping part. I am not a good camper.

  3. What an awesome quick getaway! I need to explore the US more. We have a lot to offer here! Great pic of you. Made me smile!

  4. your pix are great, effortless.

    i visited gatlinburg for the first time last summer and i thought it was very much like vegas too.

    i love your blog, i've been lurking for awhile.

  5. I want your life. Seriously. Now. How much fairdust would that cost me????

  6. Looks like a great trip... love the "hillbilly las vegas" lol!
    You look like a real cowgirl!
    Sorry to scare you with Xmas in July... but what's a girl to do when it's part of your biz!

  7. My husband has been saying we need to go there. Now I agree!! :)

  8. I like the last photo. It makes me laugh too. It defiantly looks like you had all the elements to a good relaxing weekend here and looks like you had a good sugar fix too. Perfect getaway weekend.

  9. What's a funnel cake?

    That trip sounded awesome, but then again, sometimes I wonder if it's just the attitude you approach everything with that's so awesome. :D

  10. I can't believe you didnt do any of the Ripley stuff! There are attractions are the best.

  11. lydia: I felt pretty carefree :) Those jellies were huge!

    greg: Not a horse? a pony? How bout' it's whatever I want it to be :o) I love to camp, way cheaper than a hotel!

    1218: You really do need a getaway....there are so many cool places to see! Glad my goofiness could make you smile :)

    please sir: It was...

    angry asian: Well I'm happy you decided to pop in! Vegas is definitely higher class than Gatlinburg, but I've now got it out of my system.

    TD: Just a few sprinkles....

    fifi: I know the hillbilly thing was kind of harsh huh, but that was the best way to describe it IMO! haha

    secret agent mama: You would have a great time......watch from draining bank account if you spend most of your time within town!

    meridith: Me too!! but we didn't eat one :(

    elizabeth: It most definitely was...

    liss: Glad I could humor you with my silliness......we had a terrific time.

    carmen: It's unanimous!

    prin: it's batter they fry up in a circular shape with all sorts of twisties.....then top with copious amounts of powdered sugar! They are delicious! I don't always have an awesome attitude, I just like to make you think I do....haha ;)

    anon: Hey Ripley's Entertainment guy.....we didn't do any of those attractions because they were outrageously expensive!

  12. Thanks for sharing your night shots at Shutter Sisters. Glad to see them.

  13. Well, I am going to have to admit that the final photo is my favourite!!!!!!! It is great to see you having so much fun! Oh, and you look super cute too :)