Slow & Steady

Slow and Steady

By day we explored the park, but by night we strolled around town.
It wasn't our typical camping quick-trip, but I still loved every minute of it.
The variety of excursions we ventured upon were fairly diverse, and it was just the right mix.
We had a great time! I can't wait to share the trip photos with you.
I should have something ready by tomorrow.

In other news:
I am delighted to hear about all the go getters participating in "Let's learn photoshop together".
Don't forget to forward me your links so that we can all observe how you've applied the new know-how.
This is going to be fun! I have yet to do mine, but I will soon.
I anticipate putting out the new lesson this coming Thursday.
Stay Tuned.


  1. Adopt the pace of nature...I think I need to post this where I can see it all the time. A very good reminder! And a lovely photo.

  2. Isn't that poison ivy? I love the way it looks but hate the way it makes me feel.

  3. Ah, I do love your photography!

  4. sounds like you had a nice mix of relaxation and fun. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics and what you have install for you next photoshop lesson

  5. see you became a you will have your work cut out.enjoy working at and more photos by to you and Cody.

  6. Hope your BLAH turned into a YEAH by now...if not, we can Blah together! Lovely photo.

  7. This is beautiful, and has a perfect accompanying mantra!

  8. kate: That's a great idea, it would do me good to post it somewhere conspicuous. Thank you.

    greg: Yes it's poison ivy....haha....I have yet to get a reaction from it, and I know I've trampled through it plenty of times!

    elisabeth: That's very sweet, thank you.

    liss: It was a great little getaway indeed.

    pod: I'm not a very good teacher....we'll see how it goes?!

    please sir: I was a steady stream of BLAH yesterday, but today, it's not soooo bad...thank you!

    lydia: One that Kate has inspired me to post somewhere.....but where?! Probably here in the office!

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