Where the Sun Shines

Where the Sun Shines
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Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
~Marcel Proust~

I was surprised with a beautiful trio of sunflowers yesterday.
After a particularly rough day (for various reasons),
Cody came home with the surefire tension tamers.
I never really knew how happy flowers made me until
Cody made it a point to shower me with them.
These days they come a lot more sporadically,
but he seems to know exactly when to bestow me with the perfect bouquet.

Who are you grateful for? and why?


  1. This is really wonderful...love your Haiku...enjoy those flowers...

  2. LOVE Conqers all.

  3. The light in this shot is so wonderful. It truly reflects the personality of the sun flower.

    BTW: I just got my magnet in the mail :) and it's all ready on my fridge. I am not sad I missed out on sour cherries now as it is beautiful. Thanks heaps.

  4. Sunflowers are so beautiful. And good men are pretty special too...

  5. Next year we are planning on planting an entire patch of sunflowers. I just love them.

  6. the photo outstanding best 10/10. with black the better way to see it's yellow light. how did you do it.

  7. Lovely photo and words. I'm grateful for today, for wonderful friends and family, and to blogger friends!

  8. Ooops. I deleted my last comment because of some typos! Let's try again... Right now, at this moment, it seems to me that it would be impossible not to be cheered up by a sunflower. Yours is wonderful!

  9. Cody knows he's got himself a good woman ;-) I love the purdy sunflowers... and am grateful they exist!

  10. You're very good at photographing flowers. How do you get that post production effect?

  11. Sunflowers are my favorite. I love them! You deserve all the pretty flowers you can handle.

    I am grateful to have my good people in my life. Especially in my time of transition.

  12. that photo is soooo beautiful - it looks very 3-dimensional! the light brings the colors out perfectly. great quote, too!!

  13. Jo: You've got me on a haiku kick now!

    Pod: Yes it does...

    Liss: All the colors were so bright before I messed around with the photo....I wanted to put more emphasis on the petals themselves. Yea, I'm so glad it made it there!

    sian: I agree with both of those statements :)

    greg: We planted some, but then we had a freak frost and...... :(

    Pod: The technique is burning the edges of the photo.....texture was added to make it a little darker all around too.

    please sir: Thank you....those are good things to be grateful for :o)

    janelle: I thought it was rather appropriate for how the flowers/surprise made me feel.

    kate: Thanks! They are a rather cheery flower aren't they.....don't worry, typo's are perfectly acceptable here :)

    TD: He better! haha

    Arnold: I think that I take waaay to many photos of flowers, but I can't help it - I love them so. The effect comes from adding texture to the photo using layers. I think this week I am going to put up a few resources to help out those interested in experimenting......stay tuned!

    1218: Aren't you sweet! It's good to have people to lean on......

    johanna: So, we're like sunflower sisters of something now eh?! haha

  14. What a gorgeous shot! It's almost 3-D. What a lovely man.

  15. it's hard now to smile when I see sunflowers. They are just such a smile-y flower.

    Great haiku and image!

  16. So very beautiful. This photo has such depth and spirit!

  17. mia: 3D....sweet! And yes, he is a lovely man.....I don't know how I lucked out :o)

    elizabeth: Thanks! You're right, they are a smiley flower.....I've never seen a huge field of them though, and I've always wanted to...

    lydia: It reflects how I felt when he surprised me with them :)