Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I will skip all of the other fluff, and get to my most favorite part.
The glass encased Fuqua Orchid Center, filled with fragrant,
blooming orchids from around the globe,
was hands down my favorite section.

Orchid 01

I sniffed and shot my way around the room as slowly as I could.
And while Cody eagerly pointed out the most unique smells for me to enjoy,
I scrutinized the most interesting looking blossoms -
a couple of which you've already seen in previous posts.

Not all of the blooms had an enticing aroma,
as a matter of fact, some of them stunk to high heaven.
I even recall someone using the term "rotting corpse" to describe one!

Orchid 02
(this wasn't the stinky flower)

No matter how putrid they may or may not have been they were gorgeous.
After going through the photos I decided to put together a semi-slide show.
Click on the individual photos to run through the slides - it doesn't cycle itself.
*The first three photos are from other areas of the gardens.

I wish I had the time and energy to give you more details about the gardens - forgive me,
but if I didn't get this done now, I would have put it off even longer!
Besides, I've still got a bunch of other birthday trip stuff to show you.
And this is on top of what Cody and I got in to this weekend.
At this rate, I'm likely to never get caught up.
But I'm not stressing :o)

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  1. Beautiful photos, and a great share. I went to the Washington DC Botanical Garden today. I love these places. They can get a bit steamy.

  2. Orchid shows can become addictive. At our Spring show last month held in a large Town Hall, the scent was overpowering as so many of them are heavily perfumed in spring. It was like letting a kid loose in a cany store with so many superb blooms in one huge room.

  3. wow. i love orchids. and you too such great shots of those. thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the pics. Orchids are my favourite. Totally. They tie with roses actually. Sigh...I forgot to post on my orchid farm trip! So I can relate to having too much to show people.
    Did you smell one that was like chocolate? It is rather tiny.

  5. ah. sniffing and shooting. :) lovely images.

  6. That waterfall/water feature is amazing!

  7. Wow these are beautiful orchids. I also love the photo of the vines hanging (second shot in your slide show) what a fantastic prospective to take the shot from.
    I am, also loving your mood. I am feeling quiet stressed out, need to take a chill pill. For some reason I feel like I have so much to do with so little time to complete all my tasks.

  8. I need to take a chance and attempt to take care of an orchid at home. They intimidate me.

  9. I love photographing flowers (and admiring them in real life). So true about some of them stinking to high heaven though, LOL! Ah Nature has a way of balancing herself... looks like you had a GREAT time! wooo!

  10. I love visiting botanical gardens! I wish I could take as beautiful photos of flowers as you. :) I love the Chuilly sculpture, too.

  11. Great pics. I love the second and third ones in the slide show.

    Yey for being too busy for bloggin's. :D

  12. You have me convinced that I must see that place sometime. I love orchids. but haven't actually been around any with a detectable fragrance. The slide show was superb, as were all the orchid shots.

  13. Beautiful photographs. I couldn't seem to get past the water sculpture which surely has to be a Dale Chihuly creation. Lovely, indeed.

  14. Yes, beautiful photos of such special flowers. Thank you!


  15. I always love your photos! So beautiful! Looks like it was a fun time, and I could definately overlook the smell, if I had something this beautiful in front of me.

  16. Your work is amazing as always - do you sell your pieces? I figured I try to be so perfect in my approach, but have yet to master it as you do - keep it up

  17. Wonderful collection. Orchids are the best. They last forever & some do smell fabulous.

  18. I love visiting botanical gardens...especially in the winter when it seems like it will never stop snowing!

  19. I am wondering as well if that is a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture? Your orchid photographs are gorgeous.

  20. There are great orchids..awsome picture!

  21. Fabulous flower photos and awesome closeups! And I love that sculpture thingy on top the fountain! :)
    Have a terrific day!