Nine Down.........

{366} Photographic Journal

Monthly Wrap Up : September

As I look back upon the month, I can recall the many
moments of creative inspiration I experienced as the days went by.

The next few shots are some of my favorites from last month.

Sea of Gold

How I found so many new things to appreciate.
Like ambling through our "empty" field next door.


Or the excitement I felt when I found the last stitch of light in my yard.

Marigold Bokeh

And then there was that day when I spotted some colorful flowers from the car.
I thought about them many times throughout the day.
Naturally, I went back to get my shots.

Creature of the Night

Finding the unexpected kept things interesting.
I love when that happens.

Cotton Candy Skies

And in this case, the icing on the cake would be the "Cotton Candy Skies".
I could have picked half of this months photos as a favorite, really.
And I would even go so far as to say that, this was my best month yet.
So, instead of doing those links like I normally do for

the monthly wrap up, how about another quasi-slide show!?!?
It's not a real slide show because the photos won't cycle on their own,
so to view the images, just click the thumbnails.

I'm extremely happy about how September went for
me in terms of the monthly challenge. I stayed inspired.
I can always tell when I'm going through one of those splendid periods
because I get really behind on the {366} Photographic Journal blog.
Here we are mid-October, and I'm just now getting through September!
I'm being flexible. It will get done.

From the beginning:
{366} Photographic Journal
What were your favorites?


  1. I thought you were ending October and I was so confused - I even got up to look at the calendar, LOL

  2. It's 1:42am and I'm reading your blog. Gorgeeeous photo's! Very cool that most were found in your back yard too =)

  3. My favorites are the praying mantis (is that a droplet of water on his "snout"?), the colorful flowers you saw from the car, and your cat in Cody's? arms. I also admire your description "the last stitch of light."

  4. that mantis shot is amazing. :O

  5. I like Cody's corner the best. They are all great photo's though.

  6. You always come up with the most creative and gorgeous shots. The one of the insect was so cool. Loved the before and after shot too! You inspire us with your eye!

  7. got to go for GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. Outstanding.

  8. my favorite is "greener on the outside" and "MoMos hero" but I love all your images.

  9. Those were all so wonderful it would be hard for me to pick a favorite but if I had to pick I'd say the first one. I love the field so much. The unexpected surprises in life are so often the very best ones.

  10. He he, some of those photos are downright freaky and quirky - those, I love the best. and your dinners look superb, btw. *drool*

  11. these are awesome. AWEsome. I love all of them, and it's quite difficult to pick a favorite. I would say it's a tie between the first and the lemon and chicken (?). No More Nails - those were serious nails.

  12. I think the praying mantis is my favorite. Especially savoring his drink. Lovely & insprirational.

  13. Great month of shots.
    My favourites are daisy pink and I also like headache.

  14. so many wonderful images I like "Momo's Hero" yay Cody and "Daisy Trio" and then of course who can overlook "Birthday Chocolate" ....I'm stopping now ...such a great month of photos~

  15. What an awesome preying mantis photo! I love the empty field photos too.

  16. The praying mantis was just stunning to me.

    There are some artist that just inspire you, and that is what you have done for me today.

    Did I mention the cotton candy skies?

    ; )

  17. Jess, why oh why oh why oh why can't I find a girl like you over here in England????? You just have the biggest heart! I love the way you see things, the way you can notive the little things and turn them into something so special. You are simply a bundle of inspiration!!! It is people like you who can amble through an £empty field" and find it overflowing with beautiful things.

    I adore the words you have written in this post, and think the photographs a all breathtaking in their own undividual ways.

    Pure brilliance!!

    Warm wishes xx

  18. ps. sorry for the typos... it is past midnight and I am half!

  19. I like the praying mantis & the food shot.