Filling the Well

We found ourselves yet again at one of our favorite breakfast haunts, Melanie's.

Soysage Biscuit

Read more about this yummy place in my previous post: HERE

Where to Start?!?!
(left to right: Fruit Cup, Soysage egg & cheese biscuit, & homefries)

The above spread is a pic of my favorite items to order.
When the waitress came to ask us if we were ready to order,
I said, "Only if you have enough ink in your pen!" In retrospect,
it may not have been as funny as I thought, but at the time I chuckled.

I can't tell you how many times I've ordered these same menu items.
Most times when I do digress from the usual, I always wish I had gotten it instead.
The soysage egg and cheddar cheese biscuit is a crumbly albeit yummy mess. You know the
type....once you pick it up, you can't put it down. And not for the reason you would think.
It's really because if you do put it down, the entire thing will fall apart before your very eyes!
Which in my opinion makes it better :)

In the 1st photo, you can see the Stuffed French Toast, which is what Cody always gets.
What can I say, we're creatures of habit....

Breakfast Crossword

Speaking of creatures of habit.....where are we on that crossword?!
Last weekends breakfast we couldn't find a single paper that had one,
the breakfast just wasn't the same....

Breakfast: Conquered

Breakfast: Conquered! Didn't think I could eat all that. Did ya?!
Just giving you a tiny glimpse of how I'm "filling the well" these days.
Sustenance aside, we are preparing the house for some
highly anticipated guests. My best friend and her son
will be spending a few days with us after Christmas.
I can't wait!

p.s. thank you all for the understanding and encouragement.
it means the world to me.


  1. O, yummy. That food looks scrumptious. The shots beautifully portray a most excellent breakfast!

  2. not only does the food look YUMMY, I adore crossword puzzles!!!

  3. looks yumptious (yummy + scrumptious!).

  4. I love the before and after photos of the food!! That looks so good--take me back to that restaurant anytime. :)

    so great you're spending xmas with your good friend, too.

  5. That wonderful breakfast would certainly hold you for some long wandering. Looks absolutely delicious.

  6. that's a lot of food. hahaha but it looks delicious and makes me hungry.

  7. I don't know how you get that biscuit sandwich in your mouth. It's huge!! It looks delicious though. (By the way I love your new profile photo. You are so pretty!) It's cool what you can do with that filter too. I want to get Photoshop one of these days.

  8. did you eat all of that ?! tee hee

    great shots of a nice tradition

  9. Looks yummy. I've never been there. We always end up at Boone Bagelry.

  10. ..we love ya Jess!

    That food looks Scrumptious!!

  11. I love how you have before and after pics. The breakfast looks delicious!

  12. You rented out my room? Traitor!

    Just kidding. I still have no clue what I'm doing or if I'll even be able to afford to do anything at all...


    Those homefries look so yummy.

    Great pics too. You make me want to eat. :D

  13. I emptied the frig before leaving so my dinner was meagre, and now I am drooling over here. :) That looks so very good!

    Enjoy your holiday! :)

  14. Thanks I am full after looking at that. Just when I was feeling hunrgy as all I had for dinner tonight was vegemite on toast.

    I hope it is feeling the well.

  15. I'm ready to eat! I always order the same things too... I usually go to the restaurant because I'm craving it specifically, so how completely illogical would it be if I ordered something else.

    Have a great Christmas!

  16. I see you both on a diet.but it give's you time to do the crossword.Enjoy Christmas.

  17. Great. I was doing well until I clicked here and now I gained 5 pounds reading your post!! LOL

  18. still busy with your company? i expect lots of photographs to follow... i hope you had a grand holiday so far :) and congratulations times 10 for you photograph prize jess!! it is a beautiful photograph and an awesome accomplishment. well done!

  19. Oh wow that looks good!

    Happy New Year!

  20. That fruit cup looks amazing. What's in it?