Animating Inspiration

Isn't this the most enchanting video EVAR! An example of creative genius at its finest.
I haven't heard of Oren Lavie before, but if all his songs are as whimsical as this one,
I might be inclined to have a listen to the rest of the album.
Either way, I had to share this video with you today.

Posted in Tuesday's Tribute

Also, I just wanted to mention that as of yesterday I have sold 6 mini print trios, which means that $4.20 is what will currently go to NAPPC to fund research for Colony Collapse Disorder.
If you missed the post on CCD, I urge you to read more about the deadly epidemic that
is killing our honeybees. BEE INVOLVED!


  1. just like me in bed????????

  2. Thanks for this little escape. I just loved it! What an enchanting video, and I agree that this guy deserves more attention. It's interesting to think that the girl will forever be in that video, and what a great virtual place to live.........

    I'm so glad you've sold more trios. They are beautiful, I can't think of a more important cause, and I hope you sell lots more. :)

  3. Oh, our dreaming mind. Love it, love it, love it. Thank-you.

  4. I have seen that video - it so clever and well done. so creative...I wish my mind worked like that.