Holy Ghost Tent Revival is Coming to Town | Boone, NC

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Sometimes the name of a band alone is enough to intrigue me. I remember seeing the name Holy Ghost Tent Revival and how it propelled me to find out more about who this band was. As usual, I looked them up on myspace to listen to a few tracks, and I was instantly smitten and quickly converted to a fan. It was a while after I first listened to their music that we were actually able to see them play a show. It just never worked out when they were coming through town. That (finally) changed last year during Music on the Mountaintop festival here in Boone.

Chaos ensued as they tore up the stage, and you can see that they pour their heart and soul into their performance. The explosive energy they exude is visible by the amount of sweat they collectively produce, which is a LOT. By the end of it, though, you're sweating just as much as they are because of all the bouncing around you've been doing.

It's really really difficult to put their music into any particular category because it's intertwined with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but there's one thing I know, it's all good! Seeing them live adds to the experience because they are an extremely animated bunch who put on a spectacular show. Since the Music on the Mountaintop festival, I've seen them play twice. And I'm glad that they are coming to Boone once again to grace us with the gift of another intensely energetic show that I know won't disappoint!

Holy Ghost Tent Revival will be playing at Boone Saloon with Uncle Mountain at 9:00 pm on Saturday, March 5th.

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    1. This is so funny, I stumbled upon our blog because of a google search for Shenandoah Waterfall trails, out of curiosity looked to see the most recent time you updated, and found this - the band that I went to college with! Don't they put on a fantastic show? They always have!

    2. sooo i pretty much love everything about your blog! i love yourphotography, love that you love the outdoors, love your music taste. nice work!