Sneak Peek | Sony Foodie Blogger Event | San Diego, CA

View from Sony Headquarters

A completely random comment left on Sony Electronics Facebook page was the last thing I thought would lead me on a whirlwind adventure to a far-off land. Well, okay, it was only California, but it definitely seemed like it was on the other side of the globe after taking me such a lengthy time to get over there. Waking up 30 minutes late, hitting 40 minutes of traffic in Charlotte, and finding one of the only open parking spaces left at the very top of the 5th floor of the deck were all part of why I missed my plane by a mere 5 minutes. What happened in between with standbys and disappointments doesn't really matter because I finally made it to my intended destination in time to enjoy some of the friendly company and tasty food at the welcome reception Sony was hosting for the guests of this event.

Rancho Bernardo Inn

I barely had time to revel at the beauty of the lavish resort we were staying in, because I was mainly concerned with getting to the reception. The Rancho Bernardo Inn was gorgeously decorated with, what I could only describe as, country chic d├ęcor. On my first morning there, I woke up around 6:00am and set out to explore the grounds beyond the main areas. It was beautiful!

Our activities for the day started around 9:00am at breakfast. The group knew prior to arriving that we would be testing out a new camera that Sony will release sometime in April, the Cyber-shot WX9. Silver bags were awaiting us in the seats of our chairs. We didn't waste any time after announcements getting them out either. Nearly every person in the dining room had a camera in hand as they hovered over breakfast plates snapping shots and shooting HD video.

Oceanside Farmer's Market

After stuffing ourselves at breakfast, we loaded up the charter bus for our field trip to the Oceanside Farmer's Market with Chef Chris Ivens-Brown. Knowing very little about his background beforehand, I had no idea what would be in store for us during the picnic they set up ocean side. When they called it a picnic, I envisioned blankets on a grassy area. However, they had something entirely different in mind that completely blew me away. This was definitely not your typical picnic!

Oceanside Picnic Pano

Our activity-filled day furnished by Sony included a short two hour break between lunch and dinner. Time seemed to fly by as I hung out in the room waiting for our next meal with Chef Chris. Honestly, I had no idea where I would find the room to fill my belly with even more food, since we didn't have much time to digest between meals. Although that's what the day was all about FOOD, FUN, and photography! And there was no shortage of any of those three throughout the day.

Cooking Demo with Chef Chris

In no time, we were on the charter bus again headed to Sony Headquarters for our seven-course meal. Upon our arrival they served us champagne and then ushered the group into the kitchen for a live demonstration where we were able to sample some appetizers. After some mingling and viewing images taken with the Sony WX9 on a huge 3D TV—which was wicked cool—we took our seats to begin the amazing meal that I managed to make room for.

{A smokin' fresh fruit salad that had a lovely fragrance}

There was no way that I would have missed trying any of the dishes they served. Everything was beautifully presented and equally scrumptious. I can't wait to share the details from that dinner because it was so outrageous and incredibly delicious, but I don't want to spoil it in this sneak preview. I plan to do a separate blog post about our picnic lunch in Oceanside and Sony Headquarter dinner, because I can't do them justice in a short paragraph or two. They definitely deserve a more in depth description than that. Not to mention the oodles of images I have to share along with the story.

Sunset @ Sony

I also plan to share more details about the little point and shoot powerhouse, the Cyber-shot WX9, that I had the pleasure to play with, because it's awesome. It seems like it's been so long since I've owned a p&s, but this is a perfect complement to the Sony A700 that I currently own and shoot with. You'll love all the cool features that this camera contains. A surprise is also in store, but you have to stay tuned to find out what it will be!

As you can see by this sneak peak of my trip to the Sony Foodie Blogger event in San Diego, CA, it was jam-packed with fun activities. I had a terrific time meeting new friends and filling my belly. I feel extremely grateful to have been selected to participate, and I truly appreciate all the hard work the Sony team and Chef Chris' team did to ensure that we enjoyed and savored every single second of our stay. It was an incredible experience, and I seriously can't wait to share more of the adventure with you!

What are you excited to read and see more of after this sneak peek? The food? The inn? The camera? Please share! If you enjoyed this post, I also encourage you to hit the “Like” button and share with others. Thank you :D


  1. I can't wait to see yummy food pictures!

  2. Hi Anna!

    I'm thinking that I'll share the picnic lunch and farmer's market next. Just for you :D

  3. I think that smokey thingy needs a separate post too... What was that? And what did it taste like? And was the steamy stuff hot or cold? :D

    And also, lots about the camera features and any other hints they gave you for what the future holds...

  4. Hi Prin!

    Seriously, how cool was that smokey thingy?!?! Everyone at the table was flipping out.

    It was called the Pineapple Pot Pourri and it was a fancy take on a simple seasonal fresh fruit salad. It was topped with a semi freddo that was a lot like ice cream.

    The steam was actually vapor from the dry ice used in the bottom of the bowl, so it was cold.

    Oh yes! Can't wait to share more about the camera features, it really is awesome. As far as what the future holds, that's for me to know and you to find out :D haha

  5. beautiful nature makes the heart spellbound

  6. Thanks for the fun wrap up post! It was such a pleasure to meet you and to have you as part of our Sony Foodie group! I can't wait to see more of your photos... and... um just thinking of the food we had that day has made my stomach growl!

    Talk to you soon!
    Sony Electronics

  7. I can't wait to see more pictures from this trip!!!

  8. Quick question; Can you adjust the dimensions for the panoramic shots?

    I've been jumping around from blog to blog and I've noticed that the panoramic photographs that people took using this camera are on the small side. I was wondering if you can increase the dimensions.

    Thank you.

  9. @Asaz: I love nature, too :D

    @Sukhjit: It was wonderful meeting you, too! Thank you again for inviting me to join in on the FOOD and FUN!

    @Hot Mess: They are coming your way!

    @Memo: Sorry that you are having difficulty viewing the panos at a respectable size. It's currently as big as I can make it without the width of my blog cutting off parts of the image.

    If you want to see the panos larger, you can view them in a slideshow from Flickr. Here is a link to my set as a slideshow:

    Flickr Set |Sony Foodie Blogger Event | San Diego, CA