10 Reasons Why You Want to WIN a Sony WX9 | Digital Camera Review

Sony Cybershot WX9

On the morning we received our cameras, a brief overview of the features were given and in no time we were all snap happy and testing out the various modes and settings. I was blown away by some of this models highlights because it offers some really neat capabilities. While I could go on and on about all of the wonderful features this point and shoot powerhouse carries, I will just share some of my favorites with you in list form.

{This post is part of a series outlining a recent trip I took to San Diego, California to take part in an event that Sony Electronics was hosting for food bloggers to test out the new Sony Cyber-shot WX9. To learn more about this trip, visit the links at the end of this post.

10 Reasons Why You Want to Win a Sony Cyber-shot WX9

Graham's | Tawny Porto
  • Defocus Mode: This ended up being one of my most favorite attributes of this camera because it mimics something that is—in most cases—only possible with a DSLR (depending on your lens and settings). The feature works in the same way as using a wide open aperture would to create a shallow depth of field (blurred background). However, because this can't be achieved with certain point and shoots because they lack the necessary controls, the Defocus feature gives you a similar effect without the need for manual settings. When using this mode, it will take two different photos, one in focus and one out of focus, it then merges the two together, leaving the main subject crisp and the background blurred. It produced some lovely results when I was taking pictures; I stayed in the Defocus mode more than any other during our day of shooting.

  • Full HD 1080/60i: Due to the fact that my Sony A700 does not have video functionality, I was happy to know that this p&s would have what my DSLR lacks. We have another method of shooting video that is also supposed to be in HD, but it is no where near the same quality of the WX9. When the camera switches over to movie mode, it looks crystal clear—the way it should. And the video quality doesn't disappoint either once you get it to the computer. The results are awesome! The only issue I have had is figuring out how to properly upload the HD version of my videos online. The HD video uploaded to Facebook, but not in Vimeo?!? Aside from that minor issue, I'm looking forward to adding more videos to my adventures! (See an HD video on FB)

Oceanside Beach Pano
  • iSweep Panorama mode: For those moments when you can't quite squeeze everything into one frame. This high resolution feature will stitch multiple images, in camera, to create a panoramic photograph. It's actually kind of fun to use this mode. Using a sweeping motion, and following the directional arrow on screen, you pan the landscape as steadily as you can without going too fast or slow. Using this mode had a slight learning curve, however, it was pretty easy once you got used to it. I especially like that you could do horizontal and vertical panoramic images. I can see a vertical pano coming in handy for a tall building or ginormous tree.
  • Soft Skin mode: Once the girls found out about this feature it became a running joke throughout the day. “Don't take a photo of me without the soft skin mode on!” I'll just go ahead and say that all of my fellow laydeh food bloggers didn't need to worry about enhancing their beauty any further, but using the feature did make a noticeable difference in the images it produced without looking fake. Somehow, the camera is able to recognize skin tones to reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles in a matter of seconds! After using this feature, I zoomed in on some self-portraits I took using the SS mode and I had a hard time distinguishing where the effect was applied. It was like magic :D
3D Glasses
  • 3D Images: Now, unless you own your very own 3D TV, this option—at least, for most people—is a complete novelty. But I have to admit that it's WICKED COOL! The camera takes two images, one for the left eye and one for the right, to capture photographs in a way that you've never seen them before. That is, if you have access to a 3D TV. Although there is an option to take a 3D iSweep Multi-Angle Panoramic that will preview a tilting playback that simulates a 3D view. When previewing, you move the camera from side-to-side to see it in action; it was really freaky to see, but pretty neat. Later on, at the Sony Headquarters dinner, they had an enormous 3D TV set up, so that we could preview some of the 3D images taken earlier that day. The Buddah Hand Lemons were something that we got to see in 3D, talk about freaky! I'll keep my eye out for 3D picture frame developments since I don't see a new TV in my future :D
  • HDR (Backlight Correction): You know those photos that you can't quite get right at times, where one element in the frame is properly exposed while another is dark or blown out? This works in the same way that bracketing an image can achieve with a DSLR. Bracketing takes several images with different exposures, some overexposed, some underexposed, and—according to the camera's meter—one “properly” exposed image. With the HDR mode on the WX9, it does the same thing but you aren't required to do any post-processing, because it merges the files in-camera and the results can be seen instantly. This helps you capture high contrast shots where the entire scene is evenly exposed. It works as advertised, too. I could see a distinct difference between my shots and how using it brightened areas that were darker in the images I took in the program/auto mode.
In-Camera Guide | Sony WX9
  • In-Camera Guide: I was a little perplexed as to why the Instruction Manual wasn't really delivering with the instructional part until I realized that most of the information (beyond the basis) about how to use certain features were contained inside the camera, and could be accessed using the Menu controls. To me, this definitely seems like an advancement that more camera companies should think about adopting—maybe they do and I just don't know. Instead of making sure that I have a manual with me at all times, I can simply access help right when I need it. Although this might just be something that I enjoy because I like to read manuals when I get them with electronics?!? Be careful, it's easy to drain the battery looking through the index! (BTW, the WX9 comes with a rechargeable battery.)
  • Superior Auto Mode: In this mode, the camera automatically detects and selects the correct scene mode (out of 33 possible options), so that you aren't fumbling to pick one when you need to be quick! The camera takes up to six shots and combines them using the same technology for the HDR mode (as mentioned above). Layering the images is also a way of reducing noise to get cleaner images with a high dynamic range.
  • Smile Shutter Technology: This wasn't one of the features I tested while in San Diego, however, Cody and I tried it out last week to see how it worked. When using this setting, the camera automatically detects when a person smiles and snaps a photo all by itself. I was amazed! It even had varying degrees of sensitivity. You can select normal smile, BIG smile, or slight smile. How funny is that?!? We were total goofs when fooling around with this feature, but I can see how it can come in handy under certain circumstances with things like self-portraits and such.

    Palm of my Hand

  • Size: As I mentioned in a previous post, it's not always convenient to carry the heavy duty DSLR, which is where this pocket-sized point and shoot will come in handy. It fits in the palm of my hand, the “front” pocket of my jeans, and on top of that, it's light and ultra thin. (Dimensions: W x H x D: 3 3/4” x 2 1/4” x 25/32” / Weight: 4.9 oz)

  • Honorable Mention: Gourmet ModeThis setting is ideal for taking pictures of food. It brightens the colors slightly, and also switches to macro when you get up close to the plate. This was one of the main reasons why the foodie bloggers were in San Diego, to test out this particular mode. I used this a number of times and the results were exceptional. 

  • Model Highlights: 16.2 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens, 3.0" screen, Full HD 1080/60i video, "Exmor R" CMOS sensor, 10fps, background defocus, manual control, 3D Sweep Panorama

The eleven features I have outlined here only scratch the surface of what this point and shoot is capable of. The Sony Cyber-shot WX9 is an impressive piece of technology that I am pretty pleased to be in possession of. Ever since I've been back from San Diego, I haven't really touched my A700. Instead, I've been toting around my WX9 with me everywhere! Not to worry, though, it won't replace my pride and joy, but it is a whole heap of fun to play around with. I am thrilled to have added it to my camera collection (now, I just need to get my hands on an NEX!!). I can't thank the people at Sony enough for gifting this amazing camera to me.

You'll be pleased to know that the Sony folks have decided to share the love, and will be providing me with an additional Sony Cyber-shot WX9 to giveaway to one of my lucky readers! How awesome is that?!? I'll announced the conditions of the giveaway in an upcoming post. Be sure to connect with WW on Facebook or subscribe another way (see the sidebar --------> for more options), so that you get the details first!  Other prize packages will also be awarded, so there will be several chances to win great stuff :D

What is your experience with point and shoot cameras? Do you own one?
What do you think of the Sony WX9?
 Please share your thoughts!

Wanna see more?!? Images & Videos Taken w/ the Sony Cybershot WX9:

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  1. Sounds wicked rad. How's the lag time?

    My point and shoot, which I haven't used in ages and ages, was a Canon 3.2 megapixel tiny but thick thing. I bought it solely for the lag time (which at the time was the shortest of all the point and shoots). I do like that it shoots videos (albeit max 30 seconds) with volume and it lets me crop the beginning and end within the camera and decide if I want to save it over the original or as a new file. For a camera from... um.. 2003ish? it's pretty neat, even if the pics and videos are teeny tiny. :D

    I love the review though. It's amazing how fast the technology is progressing.

  2. I love the review too,where were you at x mas time hehehe love that you can do a focus like a DSLR,that sold me. sometimes taking all that dslr stuff is just not worth it,will have to check this out,,please enter me to win it,id love to have one :D

    Thanks for letting me know about it either way :D off to find you on FB

  3. @Prin: It has no lag time, really. It shoots 10fps! This camera doesn't allow for video editing in-camera, although clipping is easy to do with the software that is provided with the camera. Thanks for the response about the review. Technology really is progressing at an extremely rapid pace! I'm sure that my WX9 will be obsolete by the end of the year ;)

    @Deb: Doh! Did you get a new camera for Christmas? The Defocus mode on the WX9 is AWESOME! Seriously, I leave the camera in this mode most of the time! As far as entering to win a WX9 goes, the giveaway has yet to begin. I will announce those details in a later post once I actually have the camera in hand :D

    @Andi: Sony is generous eh?! Can't wait to do the camera giveaway :D

  4. That sounds like an amazing trip. Excellent article

  5. @Jeffrey: It was a great trip, and I left with an awesome little camera! Thanks for checking out the post :D

  6. sounds like an awesome little camera. my point and shoot is a fugi fine pix several years old. not fond of it has lots of limitations and I so need a new little one to keep in my purse for on the go times.

  7. Fantastic post. I'm so glad I met you! What an incredible trip that was. Well, one of the things I really love about this camera is it's really good in low light. All I know is it makes all my friends look hot. : ) - Claudia

  8. @Stampmouse: If you are in the market for a new point & shoot that is budget friendly, this is definitely a great option!

    @Claudia: You're a DOLL! I'm so glad to have met you, too. Can't wait until we cross paths again :D

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  10. I have always been a Canon fan, but this makes me want to check out Sony...

  11. I have turn good reasons, but I will tell you soon, can't wait for this contest....and crossing my fingers...

  12. Hi, Great review btw. Do you know if you can take still pics while in movie mode? Can you zoom in and out while in movie mode?

  13. @Ceecee: Thank you! You can take still images while taking video, although it's a lower resolution photo. As far as zooming goes, I don't believe that it's possible, because I can't get the focus to change when I zoom. There may be a trick to it, though, that I don't know?!