Andi & Ryan {Engaged} | Sneak Peek

 Andi & Ryan {Engaged} Sneak Peek

On Memorial Day, I had the opportunity to do a photo session for a newly engaged couple that happens to also be my neighbors. We scheduled the shoot at a nearby trail since both Andi and Ryan are pretty active people who spend a lot of time outside. An outdoorsy session surrounded by lovely scenery was the perfect backdrop for their photographs.

We incorporated their bikes since it's something they enjoy doing together. While it was a bit challenging for Andi to ride a bike with a dress on, she managed to do so with grace (and without flashing anyone). We worked up a sweat moving all over the place. For Boone, it was pretty hot outside, so we stuck to the shady areas.

At the beginning of our session, I asked how lovey-dovey of a couple they were and whether or not they are the type to make out in public. They shyly responded by saying that really wasn't their style. Although I couldn't get these two to stop kissing the whole time! (hehe...I kid) They were adorable and I had a lot of fun with them during the session. Along with lots of kisses, we also had a lot of laughs!

I couldn't stop smiling when I got back home to look through their images. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek of this fun-loving couple!

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  1. I loved the photo! Such a cute couple-great pic! Can't wait to see the rest and their wedding photos !!!!