How Spontaneous Adventures Can Strengthen Your Relationship

If it was sanitary, I’d give you a high five right now because that was the best freakin’ meal I’ve eaten in a while!” I was not quiet about it either because the fella who had just walked up with his family interjected with, “I’m glad to hear that!

Good food makes me happy, simple as that. So, when I stumble upon a roadside taco and slider stand with five star food during a spontaneous adventure, you better believe that this gal gets giddy!

Apparently, The Roost, located in Linville, NC, has been opened for two months but we are just now finding out about this gem. That happens when we get stuck in our “boone bubble” sometimes.

The only reason we happened upon it was because Cody and I thought that it might be a good idea to get snacks before we set out on a waterfall hike. It was 2 o'clock and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so we took a detour off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our plan was to hit up the gas station for trail mix or some granola bars, but we couldn't resist the beacon of this banana yellow stand.

Mulling over their menu was tough because there were so many luscious looking options! We decided to get one of each to make it a little easier. I’d pick the tacos and Cody would choose the sliders so we could sample both!

They whipped up our meal fairly quickly and I squealed with delight when I saw the presentation. Of course, I immediately whipped out my iPhone to document the deliciousness, but I had to go get my “real camera” so that I could take some proper pics because I had a feeling it was going to be a memorable meal.

I almost didn't want to share with Cody because I was enjoying the Smoked Brisket Slider with green apple slaw and Cheerwine BBQ sauce so much, but I was excited to try the Short Rib Taco, too! It was topped with Asian slaw, cilantro, and sour cream. Everything tasted so fresh and the flavor combinations were spot on. We probably could have ordered something else to taste-test but I didn’t want to be too full before our hike!

This was the most impressive meal I’ve had the pleasure of putting in my belly in quite sometime! I’m excited to make a special trip back out that way just so I can have lunch there again because they know how to make good food. It was one of those meals I can’t get out of my head!

We only set out to grab a few snacks but we discovered something better and that was because we were open to whatever unfolded that day. I live for finding places like this that are off the beaten path!

It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the everyday challenges that I (we) must overcome and endure, so this was a fun way to spice things up by unplugging and allowing life to surprise us.

I had to remind myself many times throughout the day that I didn’t need to check my phone incessantly, and that we had no obligations or time commitments that day. We were free to do whatever we wanted and could take as much time as we needed to just be with each other and enjoy ourselves.

It was an incredible day and I want to make “Spontaneous Adventures” a regular occurrence—or required even—to help strengthen and support our relationship! What do you do to rekindle the romance with your partner? And..

When is the last time you went somewhere on a whim and what did you discover?! Please share in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

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