Flower of the week: Yellow Salsify

*UPDATE: I just discovered some days ago that I had a Macro lens and didn't quite know it. Before we moved I won this photography camera bundle package from Ebay. It came with a number of different accessories: lenses, filters, tripods, camera bag, etc. Okay so my point was, I've had this Macro lens without knowing it. It was attached to the wide angle lens and I noticed this only because when I went to take off the lens I had grabbed the wrong spot and twisted it off while the macro portion of the lens was still attached to my camera. It was definitely a neat discovery because this baby lets you get so close; and without realizing it I catch myself shoving the lens into whatever it is I'm taking a picture of. Although I do plan to be extra careful not to scratch my new pride and joy. (I took these pictures yesterday on our little hike)

Yellow salsify is an introduced, weedy species that can invade a lawn or well-established field of native bunchgrass and dominate disturbed sites. It was introduced for its culinary value. Tragopogon spp. Salsify. This plant is also known as "oyster plant" because the first-year roots have a taste that resembles oysters. This is a biennial plant that grows a root and basal leaves the first year, then sends up the flower stalk the second year and dies after setting seed.

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