Late Night Date Night

Above is PadThai SomTom from Cha Da Thai & it was absolutely delicious.

Our waitress who graciously allowed me to photograph her in the traditional Thai formal wear; doesn't she look so cute!

Tennessee Cody

This was our dessert, crazy bubble tea. The flavor we chose was Green Tea Latte and it was yummi - and came highly recommend by our waitress. Located at the bottom of the glass are these little gelatinous balls (said to be like tapioca pudding balls) and it comes with a straw that is larger in circumference than that of a normal straw. By the end we were crying brain freeze but man was it good. I'm sure that I'll get a hankering for another one some time soon.
We also went to see the movie Superbad last night which was absolutely hilarious! It was definitely not something that you should take a kid to go see because there was lots of sexually explicit language and/or behavior riddled throughout. When we sat down I had high expectations since after the week I've had I needed some comic relief and this movie definitely pushed the envelope while stepping up to the plate the whole way through. And if any of you know my laugh you can understand how boisterous I was during the film. Side-splitter indeed!


  1. It sure looks delicious and tasty...obvious the way Cody and you smile.... Got a doggy bag?

  2. Oh yeah, we've got leftovers - I'd send them to you if I could pry the box from Cody's hands. hahaha