Wildflowers of Colorado

This is a postcard that my friend Dave brought back for me along with a plaque that has Kokopelli etched in sandstone from his Colorado trip over a week ago. He knows how much I like postcards and the last time he went I received some too. I always have to make sure that I get a postcard from where ever I travel, it's one of the cheapest keepsakes you can buy. Maybe that's why I like them so much - because they are cheap! I have a journal/scrapbook that I put all of them in. I was thinking about how neat it would be if I could engage others in helping me with my postcard collection. I would be willing to send one to you in return.
If anyone is interested in sending me a postcard from your hometown or travel destination please send me an email & I will gladly forward my mailing address.

I plan to post some of my other postcards in the near future although most of them are already in my book but I'm sure that I can scan the page to share them with everyone.

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