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I tend to judge books by their covers, which is initially what enticed me to find out more about this particular book. The cover is so whimsical with the branches bending every which way.........and so far from what I have read of the first chapter her writing mirrors just that. She paints a very detailed picture......I can't say too much more since I have yet to read it, but I hope to change that very soon!

The Monsters of Templeton

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Excerpt from the first chapter:

That morning, before I drew my hand away from the monster, I felt an overwhelming sadness, a sudden memory of one time in high school when I slipped to the country club docks at midnight with my friends, and, giggling, naked, we went into the dark star-stippled water, and swam to the middle of the lake. We treaded water there in the blackness, all of us fallen silent in the feeling of swimming in such perfect space. I looked up and began to spin. The stars streaked circular above me, my body was wrapped in the warm black, my hands had disappeared, my stomach was no longer, I was only a head, a pair of eyes. As I touched the beast I remembered how, even on that long-ago night, I could feel a tremendous thing moving in the depths below me, something vast and white and singing.

Here is a sneak peek at the first chapter - Link

*I took the time to read it and was immediately drawn in to Laurens style of writing......I just love the metaphors that she uses.....and after Botany of Desire I will be happy to grab on to some much need fiction. This book may just be the ticket.

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  1. jm it looks a good read. link in place,dog dance youtube.have a nice day. you may be getting some snow, fox news? or freezeing rain.stay in doors and read your book.

  2. She's good all right! Surely you will have an awesome time savouring this book... how about you take a photograph of it for us? ;-)

  3. jm and cody just for you, you may like to take up this sport.take look on my blog. love pod.ps the blue in photos outstanding work 10/10

  4. POD: the weather forecast was apparently way off....we've had nothing like that at all! Thanks for the 10!!!

    technodoll: you know I will :)