Behind the Bloom

Behind the Bloom

Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

I just can't seem to stop taking photos of these splendid little blooms I'm seeing all over the place. As spring wears on you'll notice how big of a flower freak I really am. Taking photos isn't the only thing I find fun about the becoming blooms. For the ones I can't name, I take great pleasure in finding out what their names are. I'll come home after taking photos to scour the internet until I know for sure what it is I have captured. We moved into the new house during the late summer of last year, so I don't know what other wildflowers will pop up until spring blossoms even further. So far I've spotted crocus', daffodil's, and grape hyacinths. Last year we had all sorts of wildflowers sprout unexpectedly between summer and fall, so I'm hoping that spring will offer a bounty just as delightful.

One person who knows how deep my love of flowers goes is dear ol' Cody. He even brought me a bouquet of Alstros home the other day as a piece offering. He called them, "be nice to me again flowers", as I'm sure some of you will understand; it's that chocolate craving, I hate the way I look, time of the month! At least it won't be going on while I'm on vacation in Big Sur!!

I've been in my own little world somewhere on the west coast today, making plans for all the places I/we intend to go and stay at while in Big Sur. Cody's in charge of camp food, while I take care of the other details!
I have read through the entire guidebook, and the locations that I marked in the book with little red sticky arrows have now been added to the google map I created. I sound obsessed, don't I? Well, it's sort of a deal for me, I can't help it. The time off is what I am most looking forward to, especially since this week has been extra difficult for me in the pain management department, but today I get the deep tissue massage, and tomorrow I have my Acupuncture, hopefully relief is in sight. Alright, enough complaining!
Back to my dream world until it's time for my massage!!


  1. That picture is gorgeous! Reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to run to each Honeysuckle bush and suck on the stems. Don't know if we were supposed to but I loved the quick yummy taste.

  2. so beautiful! i'm looking forward to your flower-happy days, i also love flowers - and (i know this makes me ninety) gardening. in canada we have the most beautiful rock gardens with all sorts of wild flowers. i love learning the names, too!

    1218's comment makes me want to try a honeysuckle bush... is it poisonous? if you don't see me on for awhile, call the authorities.

  3. What a beautiful photo. Spring is so exciting, I can't wait for my flowers to start blooming too.

  4. Great picture. I too was remembering the west coast and wishing I could visit again. I think next year will be the year to go west old man, lol

  5. wonderful pic of the blooming cherries (i suppose...)!! they are blooming here too and i hope the weather will be fine enough the next days for the bees to fly...

  6. Really unique composition, pointing the camera up to the sky... great angle. The dappled light coming through the tree and illuminating individual blossoms is really nice. So is capturing the complete 'globelike' cluster of blooms branching in from the left side.
    Good work Jess!

  7. oooo i absolutely LOVE that photo! blooms are still hiding here, they're smart and know the cold crappy weather isn't yet over here... thanfully i have your blog to turn to for an instant fix :-)

  8. When I pulled up your blog the countdown was on 11 days 11 hours and 11 minutes - freaky. I love the picture.

  9. You and Cody have a good time. don't go looking for some hills which turn out to be mountains.look for the nice trails.and don't forget the batteries and new tripod and cap.bring back lots of professional photographs.Cody look after her.if you come across the wild life, no taking photo's of bears or mountain lions you may scare them.?have a good trip and take a good bottle of wine.Enjoy.

  10. 1218: I used to do the same thing with honeysuckles!!

    a little bird: go ahead, try it!! and thank you :o)

    RR: Thank you!

    greg: You should make it happen!!

    johanna: thank you!

    biker: the lighting is what I was most interested in capturing :)

    TD: I'll always have a fix right here ;)

    joan: That is freaky.....thank you :)

    POD: we will surely have a terrific time! and lots of photos!!

    katie: thank you :o)