Make Everyday Earth Day

I always have been, and am pretty sure I will always be a sucker for trees. A quick search for "trees" in my Flickr photostream brought up a number of imagines which were centered around trees or just had trees in the photo.


I am always compelled to shoot a tree or two. In any season or time of year they are always lovely, with or without leaves, tall, short, aspen or can learn from them. And they could teach you a great deal given the chance.


I think of their roots embedded into the ground, and it reminds me to anchor myself when I'm feeling unbalanced. I see how resilient they are, and it reminds me that I too have the power and will to survive and succeed against the odds.


Although they may be aesthetically pleasing, they are also ecologically important and provide a great deal to the environment in which we all live. From the air we breathe to the shade upon with we seek shelter, they are there, unfailingly and without asking for anything in return.

Shooting the Breeze

Donating to a worthy cause on Earth Day was the very least that I could do. I thank you all so very much for enthusiastically participating to help rebuild the Brazilian Rainforest through the efforts of The Nature Conservancy. The "Plant a Billion Trees" campaign is far from reaching their goal.

Howard's Knob Park II

When I first put up the "Where's your Green" post, they had 237,000 trees, now six days later they are up to 263,588! So, they're getting there slowly but surely............My total donation was $40.00 which equates to 40 trees; I had 18 request total to "Plant a Tree for Me!" and some who simply left a comment with the word tree in it, which I counted any way!

Serepentine Silhouette

These photos are of all sorts of different trees, some here, some there.......from North Carolina, to Florida, and even Nevada.......a little of everywhere! None of which ever made it to the blog, which works out great since now I have something to share with you :o)

Thank you all again for keeping me means so very much to me.


  1. oh yes, trees are so archetypical and touch us deep within! i could cry when i see a tree cut down...

    your photos are wonderful as always... esp. love the first three - the brightness through the aspen leaves and the solid roots that ground us... thanks for sharing:)

  2. I love old trees too. I think I have one of the oldest magnolia trees on the planet in my yard. I am guessing over 200 years old.

  3. as always, your pictures are so beautiful. am i redundant? i don't care, you deserve the many compliments! i especially love the first one, and the one with the low, sweeping branches.

  4. Something about the first photo I really like. Maybe its the subject with the crystal blue sky behind it, or its the fact that I picture you standing underneath the tree and wanting to snap this great shot. Really cool.