Let's go for a Walk.......

I went for a walk on Saturday afternoon while Cody was at work.
I picked a hike that I've done a few times, and wasn't too far from the house.
By the time you reach this fence, you've gone about half way on the two mile hike.
By the time I reached the fence I was huffing and puffing!

Walk With Me

When I picked the hike it was based on my thoughts of doing something low impact.
Especially since I've been having trouble with my left heel.
Apparently, I failed to remember any characteristics regarding the trail.
That so called easy hike really gave me a run for my money!
I'm pretty spoiled when hiking with Cody since he carries all my camera gear.
The extra load was wearing on me by the time I reached the gate.
I took the opportunity to rest.

Path Before Me

As you can see the path before me opens up to a fairly large field.
Normally, I would take a little break and sit for a moment on the bench beneath those trees you see in the distance.
I had to talk myself into going further because I was surprised to find that I had company.
And I'm not talking other hikers either..........

Obstacle in my Way


I know that they are harmless, but that doesn't mean I don't acknowledge how much bigger they are.
Thankfully I only came across like 15 of them.
I took some time to grab a couple of photos, occasionally I turned my camera to the opposite side of the field.
As I attempted to get some landscape shots I could hear some shuffling behind me.......
I quickly - and in a paranoid fashion - would turn around to find the herd a foot closer!
They were messin' with me.......lemme ask you a question......
Have you ever played "Red light, Green light" with cows before?!
I did, and it was weirding me out!!


Especially "Beastie" here......
The black cows were a lot scarier than the brown ones.


"Bessie" was a lot more approachable.
I wasn't petting them or anything, but I was close enough.....
She let me take a few photos, although you can't really say she was cooperating.
I only got two shots of her face, the other time she was stuffing it with grass.

Get On Outta Here

She had enough fame for one day,
and that's when she started shooing me away!
"Get on outta here!", she mooed.
I listened and kindly continued my hike.......

Nearing the End

A part that I forgot about in particular was the uphill climb from the field to the mountain view shown above.
It wasn't too horrible, I made it through.
I had a very fun and sweaty time on my solo hike.
It was nice to get outside.

Once I got to the car, Cody called and we decided to go eat some BBQ because I had a hankerin'!

**Contest Update**
We are currently waiting for two more people to select their magnets.
It's been very interesting so far. I think it's fun!
I'm sorry about the confusion; those rules are somewhat hard to translate.
Once we are done picking magnets a new giveaway will start, and that one will be for even better prizes! Stay tuned :o)


  1. I find cows strange animals, I never know what to make of them either. This looks like a very nice walk. I know what you mean about camera equipment, it is very heavy. I tend to leave my tripod at home and only take when it is a requirement, as I reckon it add another 2kg at least to my backpack.

  2. THat first photo great pic worth the walk and you going around frighting poor cows haven't you got anything better to do. AND RULES CONFUSION THINK I HEARD THAT BEFORE I WONDER WHERE OR YES SARA AND SIAN.Cody take a look at this site http://lifehackery.com/2008/01/23/99-extraordinary-creative-and-unusual-uses-for-ordinary-and-everyday-objects/ If Jessica takes a look at this site she will have you in the dummsters. LOVE to you both, do like that first photo.

  3. Great photos - how wonderful to live near such beauty!

  4. These pictures are great! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Lovely photos and wonderful scenery--I'm envious you live so close to such landscapes.

  6. wonderful photos!

    leading line-----> great job!


    how nice to find that
    on a walk
    out your front door!

  7. I enjoyed this walk immensely. I love cows, having grown up in the country outside Reno - right next to a big field full of cows. Your pictures of them are astonishingly great, and your writing such a sweet mixture of descriptive beauty and humor.
    btw, I stopped eating all meat except poultry and fish 31 years ago. I got a hankerin' for rack of lamb and prime rib for a few weeks after quitting, even dreaming of sumptuous feasts, but after that no more.

  8. Stunning pictures! I do like that brown cow. Certainly not your average hike.

  9. Great photographs as always.

    Yes, cows are harmless, but please make sure there are no bulls among them when you go on your walks.

    Cows are curious by nature, and will come in close to check you out, but are easily chased away.

    bringing the cows in from pasture was one of my chores growing up.

  10. I think... I am in looove! You are so very lucky, I would have freaked out being there - I mean freaked out happy and clicking away... i love cows au naturel.

    wonder what my doggies would have done though, teehee!

  11. It seems like we all stumble upon some surprising sights during our walks in varous parts of this amazing land we live in. Your part of the country is absolutely breath-taking.

  12. Cows are cool. I love the way they follow us when we visit our local farm.

  13. Love cows... everytime I see them and their big eyes... I feel horrible that I eat meat... ugh!

    Lovely walk!

  14. What a truly wonderful wander... I love cows (in the purely platonic sense, honestly...lol!). I think they are amazing creatures and full of expression. The collection of photographs from your wander are inspirational as usual. If there is anything that is going to inspire me to get off my butt and get some fresh air... they certainly will.

    ps. If I lived any closer, I'd be more than willing to carry your camera equipment for you ;)

    Thanks for sharing the moment with us!!!

  15. Love the pics. :) Cows are pretty unexpectedly photogenic. :D

    lol @ beastie and bessie. :D

  16. "Red light, Green light" with cows. LOL! I just got the funniest picture in my head of this. Those pics are gorgeous, as usual. How lucky to live somewhere so picturesque! And can I say how freakin' pissed I am I missed your contest. So unfair! :)