Backpacking in Lost Cove

Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina
Wilson Creek Area
Lost Cove Trail
7.5 Miles

Lost Cove Trail Map
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Instead of a weekend camping trip, we opted to go on an overnight hike.
Normally, 7.5 miles is something that can easily be done in one day,
however, we decided to stretch it out a little further so we could take our time.

The entire outing was planned by Cody--he did an awesome job!
On top of that, he carried our gear, and navigated our way through most of the hike.
Some portions of the trail weren't marked very well and required some orienteering skills.

and the GPS helped too....

Big & Small
Thanks for being the mule, Cody :)

Lost Cove Creek

The major challenge we had to overcome during this hike were the creek crossing dotting the trail.
Our second day of hiking there came a point when we
stopped worrying about taking our shoes off and hiked with water logged feet!

Rivers Edge

I called this an overnight hike because we camped in the middle of our trek.
Leaving Boone midmorning, we drove out to Lost Cove--45 minutes from town.
Upon reaching the trail head, I was a little surprised to see a caravan of vehicles.
I soon realized that this particular trail was very popular due to the watering holes.
We passed the first waterfall entirely since it was way overcrowded.
Continuing on, we reached a second waterfall, which was equally popular.
Although, this one was a lot more picturesque.

I didn't spend a whole lot of time trying to take photos of the falls because
there were too many people running, splashing, and jumping around.
Instead, I took a nap in the tent which was right above the falls.
Later, after everyone was gone, I made my way over to take a few photos.

Hunt Fish Falls

In the evening we cooked some soup on the camp stove, and passed out early.
We chose not to bring any games since this wasn't car camping and weight mattered.
Early to bed meant that we were early to rise, albeit only early enough to catch a mere
glimpse of the blazing orange sunrise; I couldn't get moving fast enough!

I have some more photos to share, so be sure to check back in :o)

I'm wondering, when is the last time any of you have been on a camping/backpacking trip?!


  1. Well... our family camps all summer and next spring we'll do our first backpacking trip with our then 10, 8 & 6 year old. We're so excited!

    My 5 year old daughter's on my lap while I'm reading your blog and she's like "that's cool" about your overnight camping. She likes the map too!

    We've been spending the past year upgrading our gear so we can pack it all on our backs, keeping in mind our kiddos can really only carry their clothes. Here's some posts about our camping this past summer:

    We're camping this weekend for the Common Ground Fair in Maine. Can't wait to post the photos and write a post next week. It's the best organic/folkie/sustainable culture country fair in the country!

  2. lovely waterfall, and slick bags. :)

    i think the last time i went camping was back in grade school / elementary. :) boy scout then. :) long time ago.

  3. i was a kid the last time i went camping. i have a fear of sweating. and bugs, snakes, spiders, bears, and mountain lions.

    thankfully, everyone doesn't have my issues.

  4. how about never! i really would like to though. my last camping trip when i was a kid was the worse ever and I haven't been since. but i need to change that. especially after reading about your adventures!

  5. Sounds delightful! I think the last time I officially camped was in the Bighorns about 10 years ago. Not to say I haven't spent lots of time outdoors in the woods since then, because I have. I just found that I had to do all the prep and packing work for camping trips, and it got old (as wonderful as my husband is!...)

  6. Great shots from your hike. I have spent many a happy time hiking and camping in the Pisgah National Forest. My last moutain hike was in October 2007 at Peaks of Otter in Virginia, we stayed in Bedford, VA and did day hikes. Usually we go twice a year. We hiked in the Pisgah National Forest in May of 2007. We stayed in Blowing Rock for that trip doing day hikes.

    I used to always camp and that was the first thing my ex-husband (currently close friend) did together before we were a couple. I had camping buddies who I went to the NC mountains frequently with starting in 1975 and then Bill joined us in 1977. He proposed to me on a camping trip outside of Asheville.

    When Bill and I had our daughter in 1985 we camped less until she was about 5. Then after about 1997 when I turned 40, I'll admit I got to preferring beds (easier on the back) and day hikes.

    So that's my long winded answer to your question. I used to have a fantasy about building up to back packing on the appalachian trail and walking from Georgia to Maine after I retired in my 60s but I have to admit that will probably stay in fantasy land.

  7. I love your waterfall pic! We took our boys camping for the first time this summer, and it was a disappointment. They are wimps about being in nature, so we played it too safe and went to one of those places that's like camping in a parking lot of RV's. Oh well, the boys did better than we thought they would, so we're going for something more scenic next summer.

  8. I’m playing catch up this morning after a BUSY few days! I loved the effects in your Weekend Reflection and enjoyed the Haiku too. Glad you ‘got away’ for a while. Your ‘We Heart Mountains’ is simply MARVELOUS! I enjoyed reading about your backpacking trip (a couple of those photos were AMAZING) and found myself thinking it’s been way too long since I’ve visited the mountains. I'm almost wordless at Sacred Ruminations and have shared 'goodies' to 'snag and share' at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Were there any mosquitoes? If no, then your trip looks and sounds like a honeymoon! :-D

    Um, last time was 5 years ago. I'm so wasting my life.

  10. It's been a while for me. Maybe I will write the story of the last camping trip sometime on my blog. We never had much luck camping. I think I have a camping curse or something.

  11. What lovely photos...we love to camp too! We went to Red River Gorge, in southern KY this summer.

  12. Awesome!

    I was... um... 9, I think. *blushes and hides*

  13. Sounds like a relaxing weekend, breathing fresh air! We went to Yosemite this summer with my husband & two daughters (ages 2&3) It was their first time & they loved it. I'm not sure what they'll think if we camp where there isn't a place to buy ice cream. I haven't backpacked in about 4 years. I think that was a Yosemite trip too.

  14. jessica --
    i haven't been camping in years and years and while i do hike, it's usually just for a few hours. i wouldn't even know where to begin to start! but your pictures, as always, are breathtaking.

    btw, your package went in the mail today. :)

  15. I last camped when Rose was about two, so that is six years ago. We were planning on going to North Wales this summer but the weather was so awful...three kids trapped in a wet tent would be an utter nightmare! Maybe next year...

  16. Your pics make me want to camp now. It looks very beautiful.
    The last time I camped was quit a few years ago. The trip was a disaster, the car broke down and we ended up in an over crowed caravan park next to a smelly dumpster, couldn’t get the car fixed quick enough and get out of there.

  17. if it wasn't for my legs i'd love to do a trail.but those days are gone. enjoy. go at a snail's pace always smell the air and dip your feet in the stream.and don't step on the snake's .glad you enjoyed the got a good one in Cody.Don't forget he has the last word and that is yes dear.

  18. I know the area but didn't know about this particular trail. thanks for sharing

  19. well

    you HAVE to know
    that your photos


    i haven't hiked this area
    in YEARS
    i am very familiar with---->
    the Pisgah National Forest
    the air must feel perfect
    this time of year...

    unlike here in muggy florida,
    lucky you.

    i hope you will be showing the leaves
    coloring up
    when that happens
    as i miss seeing
    that red yellow gold magic

  20. 4.5 years ago. In Canada's beautiful Yukon, a place called Five Mile Lake which is just north of Mayo which is just south of Dawson City where I was staying with friends. Land of the midnight sun makes camping easy, you don't need flashlights. Always a great time.
    I'm a very good and happy camper!

  21. gorgeous!

    backpacking - ages ago
    camping - last fall. I need a new tent (the pup went through mine last fall :-) and never got around to buying one

  22. It's been TOO LONG since I've backpacked but seeing your photos makes me want to hop in the car this minute. Beautiful images of the creek. I especially like the one with the rock in the foreground and the gorgeous reflection.

  23. I just got back from camping in Boone, NC last weekend and just happened upon your site this past Monday - what a coincidence. Had such a great weekend up along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
    I grew up camping with my family and started taking my daughter when she was about 4 - she is now 18. There is nothing better. So many wonderful memories of camping trips.

    Your photos are wonderful.

  24. I'm just now catching up on your weekend camping trip. Absolutely love the photos and your description of the wonderful time. The falls are so gentle they look like they would sing to you all night...
    My last time camping, a long time ago, was a backpacking trip with two guys: my live-in boyfriend at the time and the best friend of my ex-husband who was by then becoming a good friend of my boyfriend. Confused? We were out of control, hiking until way past dark until finally setting up our tents at a clearing. Upon waking in the morning the mountain called Three-Fingered Jack was looming in front of us, and two feet away from our tents was a sign that said: "Viewpoint. Absolutely No Camping!"

    Mike and I camped in our backyard a few years ago and we keep saying we should do a camping trip. We gave his tent to a homeless guy two winters ago, but that's no excuse. Like Technodoll, I'm so wasting my life...

  25. This is a sore point at the moment, as my trek through Egypt has been cancelled by the organisers. I'm gutted!!! It has been over two years since my last proper trek (even before I started my blog), as last year I was recovering from my fall. So, next year I am definitely going on a proper trek with proper camping and proper creepy crawlies and spooky sounds in the! I want to LIVE AGAIN!!!!!

    Your post is totally mesmorising. I can almost feel the breeze and hear the rush of the falls as I read your words. Thank you so much for sharing this trip with us and thank you for being you!!!!!!