No More Straight Lines!

{Let's Learn Photoshop Together}

I was curious to find out how to get text to run along a designated path.
Thinking that, at some point, I would find it useful.
It was quite painless to learn, and at the same time got me interested in the pen tool.

Here are my first attempts at applying my handy new skill.
I wanted to demonstrate how it could be used,
and thought that variations would help.

Text on a Path

Here is a video on how to put text on a path.
(You may also learn a few other tips as well-I did.)

I liked the first video since it showed you how to create a path using the pen tool.
But just in case, here is another one to show you a different way of doing it.

I hope that you may find this helpful,
if so, please let me know so I continue to share more.

{Let's Learn Photoshop Together}

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. Thanks for sharing this!
    I am just starting to use photoshop for my scrapbooking and photo editing, so the tutorials are great!

    Now I just need to take beautiful photos like yours!

  2. Ok something new to practice. I am flat out at the moment but I love your Photoshop lessons. I have referred back to your previous posts a number of times now when I have forgotten how to do something.

  3. I absolutely love your lessons and tips. Not just in what you show us, but also how you demonstrate it in your own art too. You are always a great source of inspiration. At some point I hope to get some images together to show what I have learnt.

    Please keep the advice coming, it is always truly appreciated and valued.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead xx