I found some sunshine...

I found some sunshine...

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness.
You have to catch it yourself.
~Benjamin Franklin~

After a lazy day on Saturday, Cody and I redeemed our weekend
by going to a Renaissance Festival today, we had soooo much fun!
I hope to have some photos from todays excursion by the end of this week.
I also have a field trip to Chimney Rock in the works - that was last weekends outing.
Between getting all these photos together, I have other preparations that need to be made
for a trip back to my hometown for Thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to seeing my
family and friends......its been a year since I've been back home!!!
It's going to be a busy week!

In other news:
The giveaway will be closed as of midnight tonight.
I will most likely announce the winners on Tuesday.

Also, take the Ecological Footprint Quiz.
I did - click to see my results!

Article: 7 Misconceptions about plastic & plastic recycling.

Interested in learning about various green alternatives available to you?
Here is a list of projects that offer recommendations based
on a particular area of your home or simply explore.
Low Impact Living : Green Projects

I hope you all found your own bit of sunshine this weekend,
I know I did :o)


  1. sunshine all weekend on my end ~but your leaf photo is the sunniest of all...
    the weekend is almost over~wow it went fast!

  2. This one is totally beautiful! Oh I love sunshine! Makes me wanna walk out and find mine. =)

  3. This shot was not only beautiful, it was necessary for my spirit. We were socked in ALL Sunday with dense fog. It was so cold, still is.
    I just went to the site to calculate my green footprint, but the question about the percentage of energy stumped me. I looked at our electric bill just now but can't see it there, so I'm going to call the company tomorrow and ask! After that I'll return to take the quiz.
    You're doing a wonderful job of stirring us to think and care about our individual choices.

  4. finally another sunshine in northern hemisphere, praise the Lord!

  5. love, love, love that photo. Yay for yellow leaves and sun

  6. Thanks for the links! So exciting about your visit home--I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a week away.

  7. What pretty leaves! That is a gorgeous photo!

  8. The leaves are gorgeous - and cheery yellow, my current favorite color! :)

  9. All of your photos are just beautiful!

  10. I love leaves in the sunshine pics. :)

  11. "John Denver" said it all, sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy, that photo of the tree leaves is very nice.

  12. I was craving fall color - yours is stunning! Love the sun shining through the leaves.

  13. WELL JESSICA I TOOK THE TEST I TRIED TO BE TRUTHFUL CAME AWAY WITH 87 . the photo with all the rain we have here was very glad to see the sunshine.Ho for warmer days.Keep taking what you take.

  14. Your sunshine catch, brought a huge smile to my face... so warm & happy all over.

    We'll definately catch some waves...

  15. I don't know why, but the second I saw this, "I'm Walking on Sunshine" by the Beatles, just popped into my head. Great shot.

  16. Amen to what Ben said!
    Beautiful picture!
    -sandy toes

  17. beautiful shot of sunshine!

  18. yay for sunshine
    yay for fall
    yay for sunshine and fall for all

    I'm a poet and don't even know it


  19. Oh sounds like a fun time! Love the photo too...already going to miss fall.