Going Coastal in Charleston, SC (The Raw Footage)

This video is fresh from our recent mini-vacay to Charleston, SC. The magic of my flipshare software created this compilation from approximately 130 short clips I took throughout our visit. It's raw, real raw. 

But I'm not judging it, I just want to share snippets from my trip sooner than I usually do and I thought this would be a fun way of  bringing it to you. Instead of solely sharing static images I liked the idea of capturing dynamic "photos" that added a sense of sound to the mix. 

Along the way, we discovered that Charleston, SC is a multifaceted city that took us through endless adventures. This video gives you a sample of all that we encountered. More to come!


  1. You should tell Charleston about this video so they can pay you copious amounts of money to use it as a TV travel advertisement!

  2. oh how i love charleston. thank you for reminding me.

  3. My favorite place in the whole wide world! I live in Wyoming, now, but it was a nice surprise to watch your footage and think of home. It sure brought a smile to my face. I see you got the true local treatment, with flooded streets. And isn't Angel Oak amazing?! And the Hominy Grill - so so yummy.