Summer Vignette - Folly Beach, SC

By the sea...

This time last week we found our fill of sun and sand. While the beach was an absolute blast, it's not something I can do back-to-back. We spent one glorious day alongside the ocean and that was all we needed. After taking pictures and playing in the waves we were ready to go back and explore the downtown area. 
 Lately, I've noticed an urgent buzz to soak up every last bit of summer possible. I'm very fortunate that a quick trip to Charleston was something that we could do before finding our way to the next temperature bracket. It might not be in your neck of the woods, but fall is fast approaching in the High Country. This is not me complaining, by the way, because I love fall!

This year, an attempt to camp as often as we were motivated added up to at least once a month (if not slightly more). However, there are still some things aside from camping that I must do before summer comes to a close. Well, not just one, but two things. The first is to take a lazy float along the river in an inner tube, and the other would be to go blueberry picking. 

I hope to remedy both of these "dilemmas" before the week is out. The idea of having those "I wish I woulda" summer moments isn't something I want to be revisiting later on in the season. As long as lightning isn't a part of the equation, I can see myself doing both in the rain if need be. I am that determined to make it happen! haha 

So, let me ask....Did you end summer with a bang? Or, is there still something left to do?


  1. Camp! If I was allowed out of the country, I prolly would have visited you guys again. :D

  2. sounds like you did summer right. love this photo and i have loved seeing your trip summaries. my daughter and i finished off summer on a great note by visitng Niagara Falls and now I am ready for autumn.
    Fall is the time I get the urge to camp and i was just last night thinking of a trip up to Blowing Rock and the BlueRidge Parkway. When do the leaves change up there? I still have many of the leaves you sent to me that first year I "met" you. Remember that?

  3. @Prin: You would have loved the temps we had throughout summer. People in Charleston thought we were crazy for leaving the mountain :D

    @Leslye: Ooooh, Niagra Falls! Never been there, but I'd love to go one of these days. I hope we'll get in much more camping once the weather changes too.

    The best time to see the leaves at their most vibrant is also the time that everyone and their gramma wants to see them too, which is mid to late October.

    And, I absolutely do remember the package I sent you! Maybe this time when you come up we can try to do breakfast or something.

  4. Oh I adore the beach..lived back that way..and now on the opposite coast. How wonderful!!
    I have of vacation next week...and am gonna soak up the sun with my kiddos at the lake!!
    Wonderful following..found you on Shutter Sisters, Sarah

  5. Oh and of my very favorite places!!

  6. I do love this photo.

    Ha. Blueberry picking is definitely not on my summer list. I had enough of that when I was a kid. ;)

    I finally bought a tent (Atlas went through the door of mine) and am hoping to head out for a night or two next month sometime. :)